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Back-to-back loss

28.03.2007 | Tennis

"I was in total control after I broke back in the first set. I'm happy with my level of play but disappointed to lose. He's improved and tightened up his game. I couldn't put him away, unfortunately." These were Roger’s words after the second defeat against Agrentina’s Guillermo Canas: 6-7 (2), 6-2, 6-7 (5) this season, at the Miami Masters.


Looking well in control, our number one began the third set with a break but lost it for 3-all. When the set went to a tiebreaker, Canas rose to the occasion. Roger saved one match point before Canas sent an ace past to win. Having come closer this time, but converting only a quarter of his 16 break points and committing more than 50 unforced errors, Roger saw himself in front of a hard task. It is only the fifth time in his career that he has lost back-to-back to the same player.


"I didn't think about it," Roger said of his Indian Wells loss. "I knew this match would be totally different. I expected myself to win tonight. It's one of those matches I should have never lost."


Next up is the start of the clay season with Monte Carlo in mid-April.

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04/02/2007 | 06:07 PM
Roger looked on the shake-hand foto as if he would have some kilos too much. Could it be that he is physically not on his highest level?
A loss is always a good advice to get back on track.
04/02/2007 | 06:05 PM
maybe the Earth was a little off it's axis and, threw EVERYTHING off a little. this is the only explanation I can come up with.

oh well, on to the clay!!
04/02/2007 | 04:58 PM
Hi Rockin' Roger,
Wow, 550 post comments in this article. I like the new clay colour on your site. And the photo of you reaching for a shot is just awesome. You look like a big bird in flight. Cool.
So, time to playclay all day.
See ya soon,
04/02/2007 | 04:44 PM
Djokovic played a very clean and refreshing match. He was well-prepared strategically and mentally. Good to see hungry and upcoming young fighters.

However, I agree with what a fan said, a final without Roger Federer was a diamond ring without diamond
04/02/2007 | 04:33 PM
C'était sympa de voir Novak et Canas se donner l'accolade à la fin du match... au fond c'est le meilleur moyen d'éviter que le fanatisme de certains spectateurs ne fasse déraper ce sport, comme cela a été souvent le cas pour le foot...

Quant à Canas, i
04/02/2007 | 04:32 PM
R O G I !!!
I forgot to say.... the true Champs... as you are.. feeding day after day with new challenges.. maybe u didnt have any lately.. but now.. with the new players coming, with others improving.. comes the motivation u need to follow pushing urse
04/02/2007 | 04:22 PM
R O G I !!!
Hey Champ!!! Amazing red color for ur site background... like agressive colors.. like the best is yet to come.. and u r hungry for victory... oohhhh.. i am really waiting to see you play again.
Its the feeling the clay season is coming.. and
04/02/2007 | 04:10 PM
I was there for the finals of the Sony Ericsson. Let me describe what it was like: A DIAMOND RING WITHOUT THE DIAMOND! That's what a final without Roger Federer in it is like, and although Djokovic played a great match, it just wasn't the same without the
04/02/2007 | 03:58 PM

I love you Roger!!
you have to win monte-carlo please
good luck
04/02/2007 | 03:45 PM
Roger is seeing RED!!!! This is great. It looks like he is eating and breathing red clay now. It wouldn't be surprising if this was his real focus all along and had something to do with the minor slip ups in America last month. Winning Rolland Garros