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Back-to-back loss

28.03.2007 | Tennis

"I was in total control after I broke back in the first set. I'm happy with my level of play but disappointed to lose. He's improved and tightened up his game. I couldn't put him away, unfortunately." These were Roger’s words after the second defeat against Agrentina’s Guillermo Canas: 6-7 (2), 6-2, 6-7 (5) this season, at the Miami Masters.


Looking well in control, our number one began the third set with a break but lost it for 3-all. When the set went to a tiebreaker, Canas rose to the occasion. Roger saved one match point before Canas sent an ace past to win. Having come closer this time, but converting only a quarter of his 16 break points and committing more than 50 unforced errors, Roger saw himself in front of a hard task. It is only the fifth time in his career that he has lost back-to-back to the same player.


"I didn't think about it," Roger said of his Indian Wells loss. "I knew this match would be totally different. I expected myself to win tonight. It's one of those matches I should have never lost."


Next up is the start of the clay season with Monte Carlo in mid-April.

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04/02/2007 | 03:30 PM
...haha...the best is about to come!!!!!!!!...
04/02/2007 | 03:22 PM
Hey Rog! :)

This is rather late considering N. Djokovic's already won the title within the last 24 hours...
I wasn't able to watch your games for the past 2 tournaments live because of the time difference. :-/ Of course, at first, I was disappointed,
04/02/2007 | 03:05 PM
dont worry FRENCH OPEN is urs for sure
04/02/2007 | 02:49 PM
You need not worry.
Djokovic has exposed Canas for you.
By watching the match between Canas and Robredo, i realised why you could have possibly lost to him. with your experience, you will surely defeat him next time you play him.
It is always difficult
04/02/2007 | 01:19 PM

Allow this loss to hurt and it must really hurt. Allow yourself to get angry and pound yourself to find the answer. When you realize that you want the hurt to stop you start to win your matches like before. HURT IS GOOD AND YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS
04/02/2007 | 01:11 PM
Dear Roger,

There must be a reason to all of this..... First I believe that the most important reason lies within your heart. You have achieved so much and we have loved you for that and continue to love you. we wish that you look back and remember wha
04/02/2007 | 01:09 PM
((((a bad day - forget about it - be ready to beat everyone on the next stage)good luck, Roger!
04/02/2007 | 12:56 PM
Yes, it's all right with you, dear Roger. We are looking now for Paris and we'll keep our fingers crossed for you. You are the best!
04/02/2007 | 11:21 AM
Dear Roger,
Don't worry, diamond will be diamond. These losses will be exchanged with the wins to come in the clay seasons. You will get what you planned for FO, Wimbledon and USO. That's enough for the fans.
04/02/2007 | 10:10 AM
Yes problem! Novak is commin :)