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In Lucerne with Rolex

09.04.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 3

I did a great photo shoot earlier this week with Rolex in Lucerne. Beautiful scenery, great team and a lot of fun! Here's a sneak peek of the shoot and looking forward to sharing with you more photos soon! 







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04/13/2014 | 02:54 PM
Apparently Stan's best surface is clay. I think he will give Nadal a run for his money if they both make the SF but Roger will have the edge in the final...quite a likely outcome. The pressure on Stan in the Davis Cup was overwhelming but he came to the fore in his 2nd singles. I'm sure the fighter is back.
04/13/2014 | 01:25 PM
Strange, somehow that may not be the end of the story - for one Stan's too young for that. Secondly , variables are multiple among the top ten.

As Pete Sampras used to say, " It's the year-end final standings that count". Perhaps where Stan winds up in those Standings (incl. London ATP Final's results) will be telling.

In the meantime, his 2014 year-long adventure will be an interesting addendum to our Roger's 2014 Odyssey and followed by many of our friends on this site .

04/13/2014 | 01:15 PM
I read on Roger's Twitter account that his first match isn't until Wednesday!
04/13/2014 | 12:43 PM
Yuki, yes in theory but I don't think Stan has the same ambition any longer. He achieved the Australian Open title and I think he's happy with just that.
04/13/2014 | 12:18 PM
Roger says winning solves everything.

All Stan has to do is start winning again.

That'll solve everything.

Stan beats Nad SF then Rog takes MC - too good - love that - everyone happy - all Stan needs to do is play tennis & nothing else - he obviously has the game & no injury - perfect base for recovery.

04/13/2014 | 12:08 PM
Why Mr.The? Why post a question that has no relevance whatsoever to Roger?
04/13/2014 | 11:00 AM
I know FANCY that Stan has not enjoyed the pressures of being called Swiss No.1 and the big win. I do wonder and doubt if he can mentally bring himself to do it again. I would like to see him beat Nadal in a clean win for his own peace of mind in the future. Beating Nadal in semis and the Roger beating Stan in finals would be peRFect all round. RF would demonstrate he is Swiss no. 1, Stan would be happy back at no.2. It is too peRFect a scenario for it to happen, but I can dream!
04/13/2014 | 08:15 AM
Why do EU embargo Russia.? Why?
04/12/2014 | 11:48 PM
edit - won't
04/12/2014 | 09:58 PM
CJ yes Stan's win was deserved . However he admitted he found the subsequent pressures too much and I think he wan't win another major tournament.
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