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Leo and Lenny

06.05.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening! Twins again.. miracle!

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05/11/2014 | 10:15 PM
Poor kei. Just as we figured. The match yesterday took too much out of him. If he continues to be a grinder, he has got to get his body to agree to this. He probably could have pulled this off with a bit more body stamina. Injuries got him last time. At least this time he got on the court and performed pretty well until he couldn't. Next thing for chang to work on, fitness for kei. Now the important thing, is roger playing rome or not? Where is the draw info on the home page?
05/11/2014 | 09:55 PM
Good run K. You'll beat him next time...
05/11/2014 | 09:55 PM
Good run K. You'll beat him next time...
05/11/2014 | 09:40 PM
this is what wawrika said at rome PC.........rafa will win Madrid......lol
05/11/2014 | 09:39 PM
The way you’ve been playing suggests that this could be one of the more unpredictable season heading to Paris?
For myself yes, I know that when I am playing my best games I have good chance against them. For the others I don’t know. I think this is not because I won a Grand Slam or a Masters in Montecarlo. It’s not that easy. If you look at the result Rafa is there, will win Madrid, and let’s see who is going to win here.
05/11/2014 | 09:38 PM
I did not see the match but how sad for everyone, (except for Rafa of course) especially Nishikori that he had to retire. He now looks a very strong contender for 2014, especially if he can get his fitness together. That seems to be his weakness at the moment. It is an interesting time indeed!
Next week though Roger! Yipeeeee!
05/11/2014 | 09:36 PM
leave the guy alone - he means no harm.

yuki - goodnight all :-)
05/11/2014 | 09:32 PM
Don't forget Roger was winning recently then Nishikori beat him. He was due to play either Rafa or Novak in the semi finals but had to withdraw due to injury.
05/11/2014 | 09:32 PM
Too bad Kei was injured. He had RN on his knees. After all the injury treatments Kei had this week and even last night I was surprised to see him start so well and allmost pull it off. The message to the tennisworld seems clear: Kei Nishikori is in the top ten to stay and RN is no longer a sure thing for the RG title. The competition will be much more interesting with no longercthe usual suspects playing finals and lifting trophies. Exciting times for tennis! :-)
05/11/2014 | 09:27 PM
nadal has easy draw on literally every tournaments..it is impossible other than fixing the draws...