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Leo and Lenny

06.05.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening! Twins again.. miracle!

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05/11/2014 | 08:25 PM
Apologies Lisa Wawrinka is not Stan's wife ..... Her name is Ilham Vuilloud. Sorry.
05/11/2014 | 08:24 PM
cont. its just me raging. Rafa will probably win the match anyway.
05/11/2014 | 08:23 PM
I'll take a hollow victory over a hearty loss for Roger.
God knows he's lost enough matches where both players were playing well!
05/11/2014 | 08:22 PM
Great news about Roger,look forward to it.
These commentators are really getting on my wick they are not giving Nishi the attention he deserves everything is about Rafa,he has been beaten many times before do they not know this and why shouldn't Nishi beat him he got to the final so for me that says something positive,I think we are watching the decline of Rafa he is 29 in June.They all couldn't wait to talk negative about Roger when he was that age.Sorry I don't expect anyone to agree
05/11/2014 | 08:19 PM
I disagree Shatir. It would be a hollow victory. Very little pleasure to be gained. You want both opponents to play at their optimum ability.
05/11/2014 | 08:16 PM
This is the worst I've seen Rafa play in quite a while. (taking no credit away from how well Nishi is playing)
Why couldn't he play this way against Roger in the Aussie Open?
05/11/2014 | 08:14 PM
Wow Nishikori!!!
05/11/2014 | 08:12 PM
Better late than never though Sharir as they say!
05/11/2014 | 08:10 PM
Stan is already there and been practising with Novak. Nice photos of him on his Twitter page.
05/11/2014 | 08:10 PM

Knew I was kinda late to the party!
Nishikori serves for the first set.

Btw am I the only one who finds Nike Football's "Risk Everything" ad meaningless and stupid? What's all the fuss about?