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Leo and Lenny

06.05.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening! Twins again.. miracle!

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05/11/2014 | 08:05 PM
I hope
05/11/2014 | 08:04 PM
Could nishikori win the title?
05/11/2014 | 08:04 PM

That's great, but let's wait until tomorrow to be 100% sure ;-)
05/11/2014 | 08:04 PM
Hi Fancyfree,

I've been watching the match. On my newly purchased HD TV! (don't mean to show off, lol)

Nishikori has owned the match so far. The first set is beyond reach for Rafa, I think.
05/11/2014 | 07:56 PM
"Source confirms Roger #Federer will arrive in Rome tomorrow and will play the tournament"
05/11/2014 | 07:49 PM
Oh I'm getting so excited!!! X
05/11/2014 | 07:49 PM
Breaking news!!! If you look at Lisa Warinka's Twitter page, Roger is playing in Rome and arrives there tomorrow!!! X - https://twitter.com/lisawawrinka
05/11/2014 | 07:42 PM
Rafa one set up .....
05/11/2014 | 07:40 PM
Hiya. Anyone going to watch Rafa V Nishikori which is on now?
05/11/2014 | 07:10 PM
Roger has his portrait up for bids in an auction - details are on his facebook page