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Roger arrives in Rome

12.05.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger arrived in Rome today, where he will compete in the Internazionali BNL d'Italia. The tournament is one of only three Masters that our champion has never won so far and it is the last clay-court warm-up for Roland Garros, which starts at the end of May. Last year, Roger had reached the final for the third time in his career.


Roger's first opponent this year will be France's Jeremy Chardy (ATP 47).

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05/18/2014 | 01:31 AM
Who's this Boating guy? Is it a troll? A boxing fan? Certainly not a family-friendly guy … mmm … Imagine spending time on a fan site that you're not a fan of … hahaha … it's pretty funny … I find the venom amusing … he could go and scrub the steps, get off screen time, do something productive … problem with www, peeps get trapped … all trolls are avoiding productive work … live vicariously thru others, etc, etc, etc :))
05/14/2014 | 08:28 PM
In the Queens's English "dipers' are known as "nappies"
05/14/2014 | 06:00 PM
Not disappointed with this loss. He came, he played, and now he can get back home to his family. Spending some more quality time with them will surely help him to put his heart and soul into Roland Garros.
Re the BOTING situation: he feeds off our criticism. He's a typical self-important fool - he wants to rile us all up because seeing us lowering ourselves to his level by getting angry at him makes him feel powerful and important. The rest of us on here are better than that!
05/14/2014 | 05:59 PM
Maestro tough luck this time!
It was a stunning performance of Chardy. But you are the Champion and the only Nr. 1. You will return with renewed strength and style. Tennis without you makes no sense....
Go Great Roger!
05/14/2014 | 05:31 PM
☆ Dear Roger, never mind, the next will be better, take care and have happy times with your family. It is understandable that is not focused on your game, you are a great champion, game is game, keep tranquil, do not worry and you know very well how to lead your steps. Thank you for being an exemplary champion and great family man! God bless you, your beautiful family and your team!!! ☆

☼ Best wishes always!!! ☼

05/14/2014 | 05:30 PM
a very poor performance rogers mentally turning off when hes in front to loose a match point is just unforgivable chardy battered him for the last two sets this is a player who cant win two matches in a row didnt like the way roger played at all seemed slow to me this will give the other players lots of confidence against him in paris.
05/14/2014 | 05:30 PM
Boting: You seem to think that the discussion with you is about Federer. The thing is, it doesn't matter if you are "right". It doesn't matter if Federer never wins another match or if he retires tomorrow. You have a disgusting attitude, you bring negative energy and you are very much disliked for it. I understand that must be hard, my advise is to change your name and start fresh with a new attitude.
05/14/2014 | 05:27 PM
It's a real shame. But not some disaster! I am sure Roger will come back strong for Roland Garros.
And this talk of retirement and his career coming to an end...again! And you will eat your words...again! By the gods! It's one loss! Of course I would like to see him play more and I am sure he's disappointed himself but let's not overreact.
Some more time with the babies will be surely the best for him and we can look forward to Roland Garros.
05/14/2014 | 05:20 PM
Boting your prediction of doom and gloom aee disgusting. You are loving this. Roger will ein G S. Boting shut you mouth and leave this site now you vermin. Go to Nadal if you like cheating.. Rome is already boring without Roger. Roger heart was not in this tournament. Roger will.be back.
05/14/2014 | 05:18 PM
Well Champ, you came from 2-4 down in the 3rd set and held a match point.. In spite of being not too prepared..
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