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The Battle of Surfaces

14.04.2007 | Off Court

May 2nd, "The Battle of Surfaces", a unique event in tennis history, will take place at the Palma Arena in Majorca. Roger and Rafael Nadal, the two best tennis players in the world, will meet on a tennis court that is half grass and half clay.


Roger said: "We are both looking forward to this absolutely new event. The idea really appeals to me as we each dominate one of the surfaces. Rafa holds the record of 62 victories in series on clay and I have not been defeated on grass since 48 matches. It'll be fun to find out what it's like to play on a court with mixed surfaces! And it ought to be interesting to see who chooses the better tactic.

People have been talking about this event for quite a while. Now it's coming up pretty soon already and I like the fact that the stadium - which is very nice, by the way - is located on Majorca, Rafa's home. He has been to Basel, after all, and now I've got the opportunity to play at his place for once.



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05/02/2007 | 08:35 PM
Dear Roger!
I'm quite sure it wasn't a fun match at all. Honestly, it wasn't good idea to put such a match between masters events. For me, it brought an extra pressure wich is really unneccessary before Rome. I hope this wil help you anyway.
Best wi
05/02/2007 | 08:26 PM
Is too bad that my sweet baby roger didn´t win this battle, but there is more that he can win.
I just will be giving to him my best wish.
I love you roger.
Esneda Fron Colombia
05/02/2007 | 08:24 PM
Congratulations Roger for even playing this, enjoying yourself and showing great competition.
Best wishes for the 'real' thing.
05/02/2007 | 08:11 PM
Roger don't care about this loss, it's just an exibition ;-) althought you showed one more time you're the best on grass...and you can take the revenge to Paris!
05/02/2007 | 08:10 PM
Ok, it was just an exhibition. but Roger had 4-1 in the tie-break of the 3rd set and allowed Nadal to win 12-10...it seems that the mental barrier before the spanish is increasing...why can not Federer raise the level in the most decisive points and win?
05/02/2007 | 08:03 PM
I hope it was FUN!!!!
05/02/2007 | 07:54 PM
Maybe you haven't noticed but Roger's consistent on ALL surfaces. Notice how last year after clay nadal didn't reach a final. Every year when clay season hits you people say nadal should be number one, meanwhile Fede
05/02/2007 | 07:53 PM
Hi Roger take care and work hard for Rome, focus and belive you can do it
All my love
05/02/2007 | 07:53 PM
No worries Roger,

The tournament was in Rafa's home, many Spanish fans. Lair of the lion. And besides he has never won a grass tournament at all. You've won on all surfaces. And about the ATP rankingpointsystem, Rafa is constant like last year and if
05/02/2007 | 07:32 PM
People lighten up just because he lost by 2 points doesn't mean rafa is the best on all surfaces other wise he would have won them by know so just take it easy, I can't see roger or rafa playing their best in this and don't forget rafa had home support t
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