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The Battle of Surfaces

14.04.2007 | Off Court

May 2nd, "The Battle of Surfaces", a unique event in tennis history, will take place at the Palma Arena in Majorca. Roger and Rafael Nadal, the two best tennis players in the world, will meet on a tennis court that is half grass and half clay.


Roger said: "We are both looking forward to this absolutely new event. The idea really appeals to me as we each dominate one of the surfaces. Rafa holds the record of 62 victories in series on clay and I have not been defeated on grass since 48 matches. It'll be fun to find out what it's like to play on a court with mixed surfaces! And it ought to be interesting to see who chooses the better tactic.

People have been talking about this event for quite a while. Now it's coming up pretty soon already and I like the fact that the stadium - which is very nice, by the way - is located on Majorca, Rafa's home. He has been to Basel, after all, and now I've got the opportunity to play at his place for once.



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05/01/2007 | 02:42 AM
Dear Rog,
wow~~It's wonderful,because everybody knows you two are king of grass and clay.So that's will be expecting and interesting.I hope you can win the game and reconfident(maybe you never lose your confidence to Nadal).
Loving u and supportin
05/01/2007 | 01:58 AM
Wish you the best & have fun Timing I think is wrong but you do whatever. Hope it's on TV. Are you going to be on the clay side hiting to the grass? Hope the money goes to a good cause.
05/01/2007 | 01:26 AM
Good luck, Roger. I think this would be more acceptable if we knew that the proceeds were going to your Foundation and, if he has a charity, Rafa's. If so, I suggest that that information be included in publicity releases.
05/01/2007 | 12:53 AM
hi champion!
may peace, mercy & blessings of God b on ya, aameen.
i m a little upset......i dont think u r prepared for this "unique" thing,
i wanted ya to converge all ur effort & concentration towards clay court game....
inspite of this, i wish u a
05/01/2007 | 12:47 AM
Somebody PLEASE, is it going to be on TV?
This is a MUST SEE!!!!

Hope you both have a BLAST!!!
04/30/2007 | 11:25 PM
U BETTER WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (much love)
04/30/2007 | 10:08 PM
You must win my dear Roggie!!

Btw, can someone PLEASE tell me which channel is showing this live on tv or if i can get the live broadcast online or something?? I cant seem to get the deatils of this FANTASTIC event! Help please... i dont want to miss
04/30/2007 | 10:06 PM
The two best players in the world playing on their best surface. This will be a beautifull match.
They're both my favorite players and I wish them good luck.
04/30/2007 | 08:16 PM
Roger Team,

Again, too much media exposure. I am afraid that this year Nadal is coming to become the #1 against Federer. In my opinion, Roger should be playing real tournaments on clay instead play a show game. I am pretty sure that Roger does not nee
04/30/2007 | 07:54 PM
Hey Rog
take it easy, and have fun