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Roger Federer Shop

16.04.2007 | Off Court

The platform for official Roger Federer fan-articles is online! You can find the shop with articles around Roger under www.rogerfederershop.com.


The range of products will grow so that we are able to cater for a variety of tastes.We’d like to ask you for feedback for this reason: which articles related to Roger would you like to buy? Posters, images, tennis balls and further specials are in the making – are there any other items other than clothing that you would like? Thanks very much for your feedback to the e-mail address mentioned below.


The proceeds from the sales of the products go to the Roger Federer Foundation – that makes your purchase just the more valuable.

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04/28/2007 | 12:13 PM
I like the T-shirt. But, its color does not turn me on... I hope it will be as blue one.
The idea is really GREAT...
Good Luck
04/27/2007 | 10:12 PM
When I saw you on the cover of that Men's Vogue I nearly came unglued. Roger, you are a handsome young man and that is for sure. I ran right out and bought a copy. No one can tear it from myhands. Ha.
Good luck in your next tournament, Champ!!!!
04/27/2007 | 10:00 AM
i really want to buy the stamp
04/27/2007 | 08:31 AM
gee !!! i'd like 2 buy federer himself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/27/2007 | 06:53 AM
roger ,
what a great idea, fans are loving it, how about other tennis t shirt, caps , bags ,
anthing that says "go roger ", and tennis racket picture on it. we all will show our support to your foundation and at the same time buy all sports gear
04/26/2007 | 08:33 PM
Well, this makes me very happy. :)
04/26/2007 | 07:18 PM
hey !!! its awesome . like i could own something as cool and sexy as roger and also help the needies along . i can't belief his. its amazing. kudoos to roger for coming up with such a splendid idea. doing good will surely bring him good too.

lots of lu
04/24/2007 | 02:47 PM
ho rogi we like to buy ur images
04/24/2007 | 05:36 AM
A wonderful way to raise money for your foundation. Now, how about a few more products? Perhaps you can have a little contest here on the board to see what kinds of brilliant products your fans can dream up to help raise even more for your charitable wo
04/22/2007 | 12:58 PM
Somethings which would be nice to have are:

*DVD's of ALL of Roger's matches from his youth, if not atleast the most important and memorable ones
* Posters of different sizes and styles
* Roger's court gear racquets, clothes, shoes, headband (bandana