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Roger Federer Shop

16.04.2007 | Off Court

The platform for official Roger Federer fan-articles is online! You can find the shop with articles around Roger under www.rogerfederershop.com.


The range of products will grow so that we are able to cater for a variety of tastes.We’d like to ask you for feedback for this reason: which articles related to Roger would you like to buy? Posters, images, tennis balls and further specials are in the making – are there any other items other than clothing that you would like? Thanks very much for your feedback to the e-mail address mentioned below.


The proceeds from the sales of the products go to the Roger Federer Foundation – that makes your purchase just the more valuable.

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04/22/2007 | 12:14 PM
Hi Rog, I happiy bought three shirts and donated to your foundation. I suggest adding to the shop a dinner with YOU. You name the date, time and place and I'll be there with another foundation donation AND pay for dinner. Good luck the rest of your se
04/22/2007 | 12:09 PM
Hi Rog, I bought three shirts and donated to the foundation happily. I suggest adding to the shop a dinner with you. You name the date, time and place and I'll pay ANYTHING (all for the foundation, of course) and for the joy of meeting you. Good luck t
04/22/2007 | 07:05 AM
wow!!that's so great!!!!!
04/21/2007 | 02:25 AM
Muy bien un sitio de compras
articulos de Roger


eso es genial

Roger Federer eres el major jugador
04/20/2007 | 04:23 PM
come on Roger
04/20/2007 | 04:20 PM
Roger ,you are a great man
04/20/2007 | 01:15 PM
I extremely like the red T-shirt, and I've decided to order the stamps as it's really very special and precious!!!
I'll spend more time gearing up your style. I appreciate your words " to share some luck you experienced to these poor children" It's our f
04/20/2007 | 08:23 AM
Great idea....I hope over time I dont bankrupt myself!
I have mailed you some feedback just now
Marie / Australia
04/19/2007 | 07:48 PM
Mentioned before, an autobiography of Roger and karts with Roger's signature etc. would be great...thanks for creating such a website...cihan
04/19/2007 | 07:30 PM
I think you should sell everything with roger on it, pen, pencils, cups, t-shirts, pants.. i will buy everything.... he's so great