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Roger Federer Shop

16.04.2007 | Off Court

The platform for official Roger Federer fan-articles is online! You can find the shop with articles around Roger under www.rogerfederershop.com.


The range of products will grow so that we are able to cater for a variety of tastes.We’d like to ask you for feedback for this reason: which articles related to Roger would you like to buy? Posters, images, tennis balls and further specials are in the making – are there any other items other than clothing that you would like? Thanks very much for your feedback to the e-mail address mentioned below.


The proceeds from the sales of the products go to the Roger Federer Foundation – that makes your purchase just the more valuable.

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04/19/2007 | 04:06 PM
I will have been very happy to be able to buy one of the article but its impossible 4 me.The products seems to be really nice..
04/19/2007 | 11:51 AM
i bought the unicef bear and i want to buy the stamps, old rackets.

04/19/2007 | 01:43 AM
Wonder ful idea...for your fans roger...to have a keep sake...
Like some of the other mails,i would love to buy/download your great matches (finals of course) of the different tournaments,speciall y the Grand slam matches,biography....making of a champio
04/19/2007 | 01:19 AM
At last we can get Roger-related goods. How about some video/DVD footage of his past matches? I am sure they would be very popular (with me, anyway).
04/18/2007 | 11:17 PM
What I would like very much to can buy, is a DVD from you with the best moments of your matches. A sort of re-play from your begin to 2007.
04/18/2007 | 06:34 AM
Great idea, easy way to buy things about you & make a contribution to your foundation. A t-shirt with the picture of your stamp, & PJ's would really be nice . In ladies sizes.
04/18/2007 | 12:29 AM
Hi Roger,

This is quite an enterprise, but I like it! Just don't sell yourself short by promoting really goofy stuff though. Keep it classy like you yourself :) I think the stamp is a good example...
Anyway, good luck with the shop; I'm sure it will b
04/17/2007 | 04:04 PM
Great idea!
Like others pointed out, it would be great to have Roger's videos, DVDs, matches played and so froths. Also maybe some memorabilia with his autograph, and it all will go t a great cause.
Thank you!
04/17/2007 | 03:41 PM
It seems great to me!

Bring it on!
04/17/2007 | 02:57 PM
i luv the t-shirts n iwould also like to hav the stamp