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Roger defeated in five sets

06.07.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated a thrilling final in Wimbledon today. He lost 7-6(7), 4-6, 6-7(4), 7-5, 4-6 against Novak Djokovic.


"You know going into a match with Novak, it's always going to be tough. It had everything for fans to like, the swing of momentum in the first set, him coming back in the second and third, all the back and forth in the fourth set and all the dramas in the fifth," Roger said.

It was an incredible match with plenty of dramatic moments and extended rallies. There was just one single service break in the first three sets, before a breathtaking phase started in the fourth. Roger fell behind 2-5 in the fourth and saved a match point at 3-5, to go on to force a fifth set. In the decider, play stayed intense and unfortunately it was Roger who dropped his serve at 4-5 to admit the defeat.

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07/19/2014 | 03:51 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 11
SHATIR: You're desperately and disingenuously putting false words in my mouth to make it appear you are right. Prove your fiction: 'you seemed to indicate something along the lines of "when Roger loses warm ups, he wins slams. when he wins warm ups, he loses slams." ' Where did I say it like the way you twisted it?

You're using false logic like "In the last 19 slams, Roger has won 2. Has he won all of the warm ups for the slams he DIDN'T win (17)? No."
07/19/2014 | 03:49 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 11
"spewing fluff"

As owners of sheep and dam, we don't SPEW fluff per se. We shear them.

Good luck with the WC, Tonyn, hope you've been doing this awhile now.
07/19/2014 | 03:47 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 11
SHATIR and BOTING: You should give your sheep and dam to each other... then hold hands and meditate on why you are each other's rivals when it comes to spewing fluff.

I have to get back to the World Cup. Since Day 2, I've been leading a pool based on correct predictions for results win/draw/loss and correct scores... and I don't need your sheep&dam karma upsetting my momentum. Almost $3,000 at stake.
07/19/2014 | 03:46 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 11
SHATIR, please enlighten us why you try so hard to show you're 'smart'.... given your fluff and bad logic are completely irrelevant to my point. lol

My point was for posters assuming Roger can win Wimbledon simply because he won Halle. The stats don't support this: in past 26 slams since 2007 US Open (6.5 years): Roger won only 1 slam after winning warm up event (2009 FO after 2009 Madrid). In past 20 slams since 2009 FO: Roger failed to win a slam after w
07/19/2014 | 03:44 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 12

"Roger failed to win Slam after winning warm-up event"

The statistic is correct but not your underlying theory. In the last 19 slams, Roger has won 2. Has he won all of the warm ups for the slams he DIDN'T win (17)? No.
Clearly his inability to do his best at the slams stands on its own. So where is your pattern?

I'm not speaking on behalf of Boting, but please enlighten us how you're a "high performing" individual and a "smart business think
07/19/2014 | 03:42 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 13

why dont you put on a tape ???? each time the same complaints !!
give it a life Federer is going his own way saying IT IS WHAT IT IS .....
07/19/2014 | 03:41 AM
Examples of the pattern
Halle p. 13
BOTING, why do you keep taking off the tape I put on you?
Each time -- then, now and future -- you spew the same twaddle.
From 2011 USO to 2012 Cincinnati, Federer did not go down the way you repetitively predicted -- so I was right then, and you were dead wrong, bro.
To understand what Federer has done and will likely do, you need to be a high performer and smart business thinker (which you're obviously not).... sorry bro, just saying IT IS WHAT IT IS....
07/19/2014 | 12:46 AM
insert how to REACH your goals - important for me
07/19/2014 | 12:46 AM
Dear Roger,

When you do finally retire, please teach a seminar on how to live daily life in a positive manner, and how to your goals. I will be the first student, as I am a lifelong learner.
The documentation of who originated the repeated verbal abuse is on almost every page of this article, and many pages in the archives also, and it is NOT me or FancyFree or any of the other posters who have disagreed with you.

Go in peace and leave me alone.

Love and support, L
07/19/2014 | 12:42 AM
You have insulted not just me but Mataz, LK68, Shatir for disagreeing Nasty.