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01.05.2007 | Foundation

In 2006 the RFF determined a clearer positioning of its strategic orientation and public appearance. Attention was particularly aimed at the need for quality and professionalism in order to award projects more focussed and sustainable support.


It is our pleasure to supply you with detailed information on the projects, guidelines and our team on the new Foundation website: www.rogerfedererfoundation.org.




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01/01/2008 | 06:17 AM
Hi Rog,
Looking forward to a great 2008!
You are the best!!!
Happy New Year,
Your biggest fan.

01/01/2008 | 06:14 AM
Hi Rog,
Looking forward to a great 2008!
You are the best!!!
Happy New Year,
Your biggest fan.

09/06/2007 | 08:57 AM
i just wanna say dat.
thnks its nice 2 c dat u help the needyz
08/22/2007 | 11:49 PM
Fantastic work you are doing Roger!!!
It's good to see a role model take responsibility and help other less fortunate people in giving them things we often take for granted. Keep up the good work!

08/21/2007 | 03:49 PM
Your outstanding accomplishments, intelligence, grace, and compassion are such a gift to the world. You truly inspire us all and your message of goodness reaches every person's heart!
08/14/2007 | 08:34 PM
Roger Your a great man!!

I wish you good luck with your life!!
Many Kisses from me!
07/20/2007 | 08:55 PM
Hey Roger

Remember this !

your the BEST & you will always be the BEST !!!

07/19/2007 | 04:44 AM
I agree that sports are a great way for children and youth to learn cooperation, goal-setting, drive, appreciation of skills, and to awake the desire for individual self-betterment in many ways. The Federer family and Roger show many people of some means
07/16/2007 | 07:16 AM
kind Roger, they joined the discussion about him on a forest already,I would not repeat the others very much in this manner.
A thing was very beautiful from you what you made,and continue it only in this manner nicely,longer! They look up to you,and I b
07/11/2007 | 06:51 AM

Dear Roger,

Your foundation tells what a wonderful person you are. There are so many celebrities around who are so absorbed in their own world and who doesn't even have the time to look around and have the heart to help. I will continue praying tha
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