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Roger Federer Foundation website

01.05.2007 | Foundation

In 2006 the RFF determined a clearer positioning of its strategic orientation and public appearance. Attention was particularly aimed at the need for quality and professionalism in order to award projects more focussed and sustainable support.


It is our pleasure to supply you with detailed information on the projects, guidelines and our team on the new Foundation website: www.rogerfedererfoundation.org.




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07/03/2007 | 10:31 AM
Dear Roger,
Nice to see that their's such celebrity really commited to such vision..
Very interesting to see all the good moral work your foundation is going to handle. Wish you success, & hope your mission be able to handle more countries such palestin
06/29/2007 | 11:39 PM
U r doing a good job! We all ur fans wish u the best and succees in this world cuz u r the best player wiz the best heart ! Congratulations on ur succees so far! U deserve all the greatness u r getting!
06/27/2007 | 10:57 AM
you are a nice guy thats whygod always bless you a good health.praying for more winning games and heatheir body and good family.hoping i can you someday.
06/26/2007 | 05:59 PM
Dear Roger,
You aren't only the best tennis player but you're also a beautiful person and this is a very great thing!!
06/24/2007 | 09:47 PM
Hi Roger,
Any chance of some more of the tee shirts.
Love Ya Loads
06/14/2007 | 10:01 AM
hai fedy u r really great!!!u will be blessed by those u helped and by the Almighty.carry on u will be the BEST always.
06/13/2007 | 07:42 AM
Roger, you' the best person on the world. You're no. 1 forever.
I am very happy to see this site working.
Your cause is great and you will creat an better word.
You are a fantastic influencefor the world
You are a champion on and of the court and I w
06/10/2007 | 04:03 AM
yeah roger!! that was a so beautiful idea!! all good men are going to get many bless from the supreme (God)... Federer, I want to tell you: congratulations, you can do it!! Just your heart will tell the result tomorrow, God is going to help you.... YOU CA
06/09/2007 | 09:16 PM
Hi Roger!

Besides a great sportsman what it is, also you are one to be an incredible person!! You deserve the whole success that you have and much more than it will come! God bless you always!!
05/30/2007 | 09:04 AM
thank you very much for that link i needed it badly
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