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Roger Federer Foundation website

01.05.2007 | Foundation

In 2006 the RFF determined a clearer positioning of its strategic orientation and public appearance. Attention was particularly aimed at the need for quality and professionalism in order to award projects more focussed and sustainable support.


It is our pleasure to supply you with detailed information on the projects, guidelines and our team on the new Foundation website: www.rogerfedererfoundation.org.




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05/01/2007 | 07:13 PM
Hi! I am so glad, Rogi, I will often visit your foundation's website! You are a great man on the tennis court and off the court too, honey!
Kisses and good luck in Rome!:)
05/01/2007 | 06:57 PM
Great site!

You are the best ever Roger!
05/01/2007 | 06:21 PM
Congratulations for the fine work you do. It is good to have worthy causes, in your case, children and tennis.
Good luck tomorrow on the different surfaces!
Remember, Rafa has a fierce competitive spirit, a desire to win. You will have to match it!
05/01/2007 | 06:13 PM
HI Roger,
It is very helpful thank you.
05/01/2007 | 05:52 PM
I am very happy to see this site working. Its an open door to help, reflex and act.
Thanks to all the Federer family for their work. Its nice seeing you so involved in this project.
Reading all what you said on your profiles.. many more people should
05/01/2007 | 05:04 PM
You are a great man!the world loves you.
05/01/2007 | 05:01 PM
Congratulations rffoundation.org !
Thanks Roger !
05/01/2007 | 04:50 PM
Hi, Roger

Thanks. I've wannted more information about your foundation.

I'll check it regularly.

05/01/2007 | 03:06 PM
Roger I Love You!!!

Good Luck!


05/01/2007 | 02:15 PM
Its always nice to see doing smthing gud 4 people.For me u will alw be the best man of this world.Lots of love to Federer from nafisah.......
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