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Finally: Roland Garros

26.05.2007 | Tennis

Roger will face American Michael Russell (ATP 71) in the first round of the French Open.


"I feel good," Roger said. "I had a few days off after my win in Hamburg. Obviously the feeling now is better than two weeks ago." Roger lost to Nadal in last year's final. Since then, he has won Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Australian Open. By winning the French, he would complete a career Grand Slam and a non-calendar Grand Slam.


"I've been working a long time for my French Open goal," he said. "My confidence is back where it was."


Sould Roger proceed, his opponents in the second round would be either local Thierry Ascione or a qualifier. Later he could face Michail Youzhni (RUS/13) and a Swiss quarter final between Roger and Stanislas Wawrinka ist potentially possible even further into the tournament.


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05/28/2007 | 06:14 PM
dear Roger.
I wish you the best of luck and I hope you achieve any goal you set in your life. We know you are the best ever, the future statistics will only prove us right.
05/28/2007 | 06:08 PM
Hee Rog,

You are doing great and looking good!!!
Too bad the rain has stopped the match.
I hope you can complete your match today!!!
I am sure gonna be watching.
It´s been to long. It feels good, rog.

.......... from within.
05/28/2007 | 05:58 PM
Hi Rog,
Well, it's the second rain delay. You are doing so good and love the blue and green colors. I just know you will win.
05/28/2007 | 05:20 PM
Stay focus and just do believe in yourself Champ, we are behind you all the way.
05/28/2007 | 04:45 PM
good luck Rog!
05/28/2007 | 03:58 PM
R O G I !!!
I havent post these days.. all i want to say is good luck, look the opponent in fronto of you.. evreyone is dangerous at this point..
I was prepared to see ur first match.. but the rain disturbed my plans.. so i will look the match at the ni
05/28/2007 | 03:58 PM
Hi Rog,
Well, I'm watching the French Open LIVE here in LA, and Venus Williams just won, and you are supposed to be on, but, as you know, it's raining.
I wanted it to stay cold there, but not rain!
Oh well, Jimi Hendrix wrote the best song ever about
05/28/2007 | 03:20 PM
Good luck Roger!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!
05/28/2007 | 02:54 PM
Good luck Roger! I really think you can go all the way this year!
05/28/2007 | 02:32 PM
Go Roger!

Complete your Grand Slam career..I know you can do it on Roland Garros this time!

Have faith! Goodluck.. (.^__^.)

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