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Roger-Russell interrupted

28.05.2007 | Tennis

The first-round match between Roger and the American Russell has been interrupted by the Rain at Roland Garros. Our number one had taken a clear lead: 6-4, 4-1. The match will be continued tomorrow.

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05/29/2007 | 05:57 AM
The road to the championship may be not easy but it worth it! Go Roger!
05/29/2007 | 05:19 AM
Hi Roger,

Impressive performance so far. Again please remember the first serve which is very important for you in this tonament alone, rest of the grass and hard you can win even if it is below 50% so please try to serve well.

All the best.

05/29/2007 | 04:59 AM
Glad to watch your first FO match and see you with confidence and concentration. Please keep it up and finish the match as soon as possible tomorrow.

Best of luck, Roger.
05/29/2007 | 04:51 AM
Go Roger! Your blue pull is the signal of the Roland final cup
05/29/2007 | 04:33 AM
Keep it up Roger.
Don't go to Mirkaland now, till the match is OVER ! (LOL).
Stay healthy and hungry for a 3 set win.
05/29/2007 | 04:31 AM
Hey Roger,
Keep up the good work. I'm sure you will win the Roland Garros.
05/29/2007 | 04:30 AM
OMGoodness, such beautiful tennis and this is just the beginning. Tomorrow is going to be a VERY busy day with all of the make up matches
to be played. Allez!
05/29/2007 | 04:13 AM
Yay Roger!!! Great start^^
05/29/2007 | 04:05 AM
hey roge,

the blue looks awesome on you ;)

damn rain, but no worries, you'll finish him of tomorrow and then i feel bad for who ever you are playing next. looking good....

05/29/2007 | 04:02 AM
Even in the bad weather you looked good, Roger. (Remember, it's tough on us fans, too. We settle in to watch our favourite and get rained out!)

Don't let up. Charge into the 2nd round!

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