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Paris stays a dream

10.06.2007 | Tennis

Roger’s dream of the Grand Slam has once again been destroyed by Rafael Nadal. Our star simply committed too many rrors with Rafa showing a very constant performance: 3-6, 6-4, 3-6, 4-6.


“I am a little sad about the way I played,” said Roger. “I have not accomplished what I had planned. But this was certainly not the last time I played here, I’ll try again next year.”


 Roger beat Nadal in the Hamburg Masters final in May to end the Spaniard's record 81-match winning streak on clay, but he never really looked like winning today. He failed to convert his first 11 breakpoint chances, putting pressure on his own serve by repeatedly allowing Nadal to hold. Nadal saved 16 of 17 break points and broke serve four times in 10 chances. He had only 27 unforced errors to 59 for Roger.


Nadal relentlessly probed his opponent's weaker side, sometimes forcing Roger to hit half a dozen backhands in a rally. Roger did have chances to take command at different points in the match - but unfortunately never really succeeded.




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08/06/2007 | 10:14 AM
dont worry roger
next year come soon
and your hope will become true
i will pray with lord pashupatinath
06/26/2007 | 02:13 AM
I was so happy to see you won your match today at Wimbledon. I certainly had no doubt that you would win. You looked very relaxed and played so beautifully. Have fun and win the whole thing!!!!!!!!
06/24/2007 | 11:09 PM
Immediately after the game I had this thought: not breaking in the first set (at 2-2?) gave Roger a fatal wrong message: "if you continue playing to Nadals backhand you are not going to win". The true message should have been: "if you continue playing to
06/24/2007 | 09:43 PM
I just saw in my morning newspaper that you will once again have the honor of being first to stride out on Centre Court when Wimbledon begins on Monday. I can hardly wait for you to equal Borg's record. We are all so proud of you Roger!!!! Enjoy the tourn
06/24/2007 | 04:56 AM
el sueño continua no fue este año pero quizas el prOximo se pueda dar el FEDERER`S SLAM.......aguante federer
06/23/2007 | 08:10 AM
Whatever happens, whatever outcome in every game, we will always be here cheering you silently with our hearts and in our prayers.
don't worry too much, just enjoy what you do best and relax. We just love watching you play your sport. ---- God Bless you,
06/23/2007 | 03:20 AM
I am anxious to see you on Monday at Wimbledon. I am pulling for you as always. It is going to be a wonderful thing for you to win the title again. Best of luck to you Roger as always.
06/22/2007 | 06:08 PM
Dont worrie champion, you will win eventually, maybe next year, im sure of that
06/22/2007 | 10:58 AM
let aside the missed break points in the 1st set ,it wasnt clear what rogers strategy was for this match . from the outside it didnt look like he had a clear game plan . Nadal had one . he was going to play all on rogers backhand, a bit like wilander
06/22/2007 | 09:08 AM
I am so sad that you lost again in FO Finals, it took me a couple of weeks to post a message here. I hope this rekindles your passion for beating everyone for the rest of the year.
All the very best for your FivePeat in Wimbledon. I will b
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