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Free pass into quarters

01.07.2007 | Tennis

Roger’s next opponent, Germany’s Tommy Haas, has had to withdraw from the tournament with a strained stomach muscle.


Tommy Haas received the injury during his Friday match against Dmitry Tursunov, and is expected to be sidelined for at least a month. The 29-year-old German has been plagued by injuries in the last few years, and the 2007 Wimbledon was first tournament since he left during the opener of the Masters Series event in May with a shoulder injury.


Roger is disappointed about the situation as he was looking forward to the eleventh match against his friend – eight of which he won so far. In the last eight, taking place on Wednesday at the earliest, he will face either Juan Carlos Ferrero (ATP 18) or Janko Tipsarevic (ATP 64).









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07/05/2007 | 05:35 PM
I’m so sorry, Roger. It must feel like the start of a new tournament for you after being idle for so long. Hope you’ll find you rhythm and best form very very soon. C’mon Roger, let’s get energized!!!! It’s Wimbledon, it’s Centre Court, it’s your home. I
07/05/2007 | 05:14 PM
I agree with you guys.
I think in a way is good, because Rogi has to get into rythm for the next match.
I mean, Rogi has to use this match to do this, the next match is difficult, and he cant get prepared for that if today's is easy...
07/05/2007 | 05:03 PM
of course this week rest in the middle of the tournament was not good for him

i was watching the game too, and he was leading 5-2 then let Ferrero came back, that's just sad.

I hope he can confirm his service when the game restart and win 1st set, t
07/05/2007 | 04:52 PM
Dear Fans and Roger Team,

Not sure if this long rest was good for Roger. I am watching the Roger's game and he is not confident. Too many unforced errors, 11 until now in the first set. I am afraid with our great champion. Hope he gets back his confide
07/05/2007 | 03:11 PM
hi roger,
don't be disappointed.u definitely would have beaten him anyway.all the best for ur next match.i really hope that u'll sail through as usual.
07/05/2007 | 02:27 PM
rogers_nemesis, would u plz just get off this website, it is so obvious that u are just trying to put us federer fans down, and that is the only reason u keep showing up.

i rkn nadal is totally un-gentleman like on the court, he picks his butt every po
07/05/2007 | 02:12 PM
Go Go Go Roger
i love you
07/05/2007 | 02:04 PM
roger all the best champ against ferrero, he doesnt possess much of an obstacle for you, but plz dont underestimate the guy, hes not a bad player at all.

havent watched wimbledon much this yr since work has been hectic, but i will take time out to watc
07/05/2007 | 01:11 PM
Never mind! You would win even he was the best cos you always beat the best and come to be the champion!!!!!!!!

I just wait to watch all your matches. So smash them!
07/05/2007 | 08:30 AM
HI Roger,

Hope you have kept your cool during all this rain delay...:) That's what great champions do: accept the things you cannot change, so much more dignified that way... Anyway, finally some tennis action tomorrow: good luck against JC Ferrero! Th