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Free pass into quarters

01.07.2007 | Tennis

Roger’s next opponent, Germany’s Tommy Haas, has had to withdraw from the tournament with a strained stomach muscle.


Tommy Haas received the injury during his Friday match against Dmitry Tursunov, and is expected to be sidelined for at least a month. The 29-year-old German has been plagued by injuries in the last few years, and the 2007 Wimbledon was first tournament since he left during the opener of the Masters Series event in May with a shoulder injury.


Roger is disappointed about the situation as he was looking forward to the eleventh match against his friend – eight of which he won so far. In the last eight, taking place on Wednesday at the earliest, he will face either Juan Carlos Ferrero (ATP 18) or Janko Tipsarevic (ATP 64).









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07/05/2007 | 06:01 AM
Congrats Roger!!!OMG we have been waiting so long for your 4th match and its finally here!!!All the people in Australia if you dont have foxtel you can watch Wibledon on channel 9 weeknights from 10:30pm-4:00am on the weekend its not on.
07/05/2007 | 05:58 AM
Dearest Roger,

Thank heavens it's not so long now before we see you gracing the Centre Court of Wimbledon again. It's been too long! Go take another step toward that 5th title.

All my love and luck I send to you.

Jeanna x
07/05/2007 | 04:53 AM
I second that: let’s just ignore some of the posts… it’s not worth it. And let´s support our hero without disrespecting or criticizing other players. This is how our Roger would have us do.

My dearest Rogi, it’s been complete torture not to be able to
07/05/2007 | 04:34 AM
I agree with rogers_nemesis about the conflict between Nadal and Soderling. Nadal has different habits but he is an excellent person and player and deserves all the success he has accomplished so far (no need to compare Federer and Nadal. two different pl
07/05/2007 | 03:14 AM
My opinion: IN TENNIS every split second counts... Taking extra time for ohter than injury timeout is against the play rules; forget about whether someone is winning or losing... It is simply not good for the game...

Anyways, Let us wish Rogi for QF ma
07/05/2007 | 02:44 AM
To rogers_nemesis :

Sorry, but you just don't get it do you? The quesion here is not about Nadal "letting" (!!!)Roger win RG.. it's just about class... of which Roger has bags and bags and Nadal has none.

Roger never plays "ugly", he doesn't need t
07/05/2007 | 02:26 AM
The very best of luck against Ferrero, Roger... am sure you'll prevail although I am worried over the fact that you haven't been on court for 6 whole days... it must be so difficult to keep motivated... everyone's so worried about "poor Nadal" after his l
07/05/2007 | 02:15 AM
R O G I !!!

Champ!!! All the luck of the world tomorrow KING!!!!
I hope u get into rythm quickly in the game

Remember, stay focus, be confident, and play ur game. And of course, be HAPPY and Smile.
All of us are behind you and will be cheering for
07/05/2007 | 02:06 AM
OMG roger_nemesis
Stop speaking, you have all the page with things about your Nadal.
Look, go to Nadal's website. I know you have the right to be here, but look, if someone comes will see more things about Nadal than about Federer.
And dont start with
07/05/2007 | 01:33 AM
come on roger¡¡¡ you are the best and im sorry i dont speak english very well