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Foundation t-shirt

08.08.2007 | Off Court

New orders for the red Roger Federer Foundation t-shirt

can be made from now on! The new production will reach us on August 22nd and will be shipped to you from that moment on. Orders can be made via the official Roger Federer Shop, please find the link below.


Futhermore, original articles from Roger are up for grabs in the online-auction!

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11/02/2007 | 01:23 PM
Dear Roger,

I ordered the T-shirt today, so glad to have a chance to contribute, even just a small, to your foundation.
We are always with you, Roger!!!
08/21/2007 | 09:00 AM
Go Roger!!!!! For ever with you.
08/20/2007 | 10:46 PM
Hello Roger, Congratulations on winning the Great Western Tournament this passed weekend! I just ordered your Tshirt , I want to help the kids too, and of course wear it in your name.
Love you always, Mirta
08/18/2007 | 11:41 AM
i made this suggestion a while back and reading Scottanderson's comment reminded me of it. why not sell the t-shirt that says, "roger federer, the man with the golden racquet" for those of us who are a little too old for the, "i am tomorrows future" t-s
08/18/2007 | 02:51 AM
Ican t find words.I read your foundation web side...NICE.
Humility in your heart make you stronger..be free.
Much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS for great match today.
LOVE U for your smile in your eyes :)
08/17/2007 | 02:55 AM
I agree with a previous poster who said she feels a little too old to be sporting a T shirt saying "I'm tomorrows future". Unfortunately I feel the same.
08/16/2007 | 01:42 PM
The shop would be perfect, if the product would have a complete product description. What kind of shirt do I get and in which quality?
Then as it is a good that supports the foundation: how much from each sell is donated to the Foundation of Roger. I thi
08/14/2007 | 06:39 PM
I love my t-shirt, it is very soft! Perhaps some hats could be made to go with the shirts?
08/14/2007 | 05:44 PM
wonderful idea! Happy birthday Master Roger!
08/14/2007 | 03:22 AM
I think it is always a good idea to offer items such as this (in the affordable range), that way all fans who want can contribute to The Foundation and have a momento of Roger.
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