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Roger's original gear

08.09.2007 | Off Court

You can now get your hands onto Roger's original US Open equipment in the online auction in the Roger Federer shop. Just follow the link below and place your bid. Good luck!

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10/07/2007 | 02:27 PM
Hey Rogi...
You're absolutely THE BEST!!!! Keep up the good work on the court... as well off Court you're an amazing person. love you so much x
09/11/2007 | 01:19 PM
Thank you for your letter, because information about Roger Federer was interest for me and I would like to recieve such letters in the future
i wish him many victories IRINA:0)
09/11/2007 | 02:27 AM
Roger, My granddaughter is the one that got me addicted to watching your matches. I was fortunate to get tickets for the Cincinnati matches while she was in the Netherlands. I believe that was the happiest day in her life. She was also able to get your
09/10/2007 | 10:18 PM
You're my hero!!
Just it.. :-)
09/10/2007 | 05:44 PM
Congratulation, you are the best!! I know that you know it, but I had to say you it:-) nice celebration!!
09/10/2007 | 05:19 PM
Roger, Congratulations! Absolutely a terrific match and once again, you showed the world and all the ones that were expecting an upset that it will not happen. You are a true champ and I look forward to you breaking Pete's record. You are just three slams
09/10/2007 | 05:10 PM
Congratulation Mr. Federer from Pleven, Bulgaria. I wish you Golden Slam ( 4 slams + Olympic titke) next year!
09/10/2007 | 03:01 PM
Congratulations You Are The Best Player EVER!!! and 13 is the next Magic Number...
09/10/2007 | 01:41 PM
Congratulations Roger!
09/10/2007 | 12:04 PM
Congratulations Roger!
Continue playing tennis with your perseverance and class that makes your game what it is...perfect!
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