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Roger and Pete Clash

19.09.2007 | Off Court

Admission tickets for the Clash of Times event featuring world #1 and 12-time Grand Slam title winner Roger Federer in a challenge match against all-time great Pete Sampras are on sale.


Since the announcement earlier this year that 14-time Grand Slam title winner Sampras would make a return to professional tennis challenging the supremacy of the all-dominating Federer who has just won his fourth US Open title over the past weekend, interest on the historic match has been tremendous with some referring to it as the greatest tennis match-up in history. The classic showdown will take place on November 22 at Malawati Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and organizers have confirmed to have received a massive influx of requests for purchase of tickets from a large number of countries.


“We are experiencing incredible demand for tickets for the Clash of Times. There is no question that it will be a complete sell-out. Tickets are not even on sale yet but we already have experienced incredible demand, especially for the best seats. This is understandable as to have the opportunity to watch Pete Sampras go head to head with Roger Federer live in person is truly a “once in a life time opportunity”. They have only played once before with Federer prevailing in a fantastically close 5-set match at the Center Court at Wimbledon which marked the beginning of the end of the Sampras era and the early years of Federer’s domination of the sport,” said Lincoln Venancio, Managing Director of Entertainment Group Limited.


Promoters, Entertainment Group Limited and First Events Promotions Sdn Bhd have confirmed that tickets will go on sale much earlier than initially planned as a result of the massive demand.  Seven-time Wimbledon champion ‘Pistol’ Pete will confront the Federer ‘Express’ in a 12,000-seat arena on a medium speed indoor carpet at 8:00pm.


“Roger is a true class act. He is obviously a great player but his manners on and off the court set him apart just as much. He is a true gentleman of the sport of tennis and I am very much looking forward to playing him in Kuala Lumpur. I have been preparing for the match very seriously and I will definitely be up to the task by then,” said Sampras.


“Pete and I practiced together earlier this year at his home in Los Angeles and the tennis was fantastic. Although I will not get into who won the practice tie-breakers and sets we played, I will say that the tennis was of very high quality. We both felt that for the good of tennis we should play in front of the tennis public and we are now putting this into practice. I am excited about playing Pete as he dominated tennis for many years but more importantly, he went about a decade of playing and winning matches, tournaments and Grand Slam titles demonstrating the utmost sportsmanship,” said Federer.


The Clash of Times is one of three events which comprise the Malaysia Independence Tennis Festival – the second being a challenge match featuring world #2 and three-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal on November 20 against French top player and Wimbledon semi-finalist Richard Gasquet. The third element of the tennis extravaganza taking place in the city of the Twin Towers is the world’s richest ATP Challenger Series event which will be held from November 17-25. The Malaysia Independence Tennis Festival – is held in commemoration of Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence.


Tickets for all events of the Malaysia Independence Tennis Festival will be available through Ticketpro at +603 7880 7999, www.ticketpro.com.my and www.Entertainment-Group-Ltd.com.


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10/11/2007 | 09:15 PM
Roger sos EL MEJOR!!
Te filicito por todo lo que lograste, y vas a seguir logrando..
Porque creo que tienes para mucho mas..
Espero que sigas hasta los 35 amños como vos dijeste.. :)


... Natt!....
10/10/2007 | 04:10 AM
We're glad that my family was able to buy tickets for this wonderful and exciting tennis match between two great persons. We hope to see the best of tennis because you two are the best player ever.......
Wishing you Roger good health and good life....God
09/27/2007 | 01:47 PM
hey roger!!! i already have tickets to see the exhibition match to b played in Malaysia.. n i cant wait!!! You definately have a lot of supporters here! so we all hope to meet u!!
09/25/2007 | 06:21 AM
I simply cannot contain my excitement once I got to know that I managed to get hold of the tickets!!! Can't wait to watch this spectacular match up between Roger and Pete.. :)
09/22/2007 | 11:08 PM
this is the match i ve been expecting for a long time...... its gonna be a real good tennis show
09/21/2007 | 10:13 PM
hi roger
i can't wait to see u in Malaysia. how many days r u planning to stay here? looking forward to november 22. do u have any idea whether there is any contest and contest winner will have a chance to meet u ?
09/21/2007 | 05:26 AM
this is a dream match!!!
i really wish to see it!!!

09/21/2007 | 04:05 AM
aww i wish i could go / \
' '
09/20/2007 | 11:59 PM

What a wonderful match this will be! Unfortunately I know it will not be televised here in the states. Have fun and win the match; this could a great B-Day present for me along with the Master's Cup! Love ya!

09/20/2007 | 03:53 PM
I am happy to see that this match will be played between you and Pete, Roger. I especially enjoyed reading what you two had to say about each other. Class acts the both of you! Naturally since I am a "dyed in the wool" Federer fan I am wishing for your su
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