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Switzerland drops out of World Group

23.09.2007 | Tennis

Switzerland has dropped out of the World Group after having been defeated by the Czech Republic this weekend.


Roger had managed to even the score, 2-2, in the first match on Sunday, beating number ten ranked Tomas Berdych 7-6, 7-6, 6-3. But in the following match, Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka had to face a 6-7, 3-6, 6-7 defeat in the decisive fifth rubber, giving the Czechs the victory in Prague and a place in the 2008 World Group.


Switzerland will start the next Davis Cup season in Europe/Africa Zone Group I, a place they have not been in since 1994. They will play countries such as Croatia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Georgia and Macedonia or Luxembourg as well possibly Belarus and Israel.


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09/25/2007 | 04:05 PM
Dear Roger, I´m from Czech, but I took sides Switzerland because of you, but czech players are very good... I pleased you for autograph, but you didn't give me it...maybe you were unhappy for loss, but I was unhappy, because you didn't give me autograph..
09/25/2007 | 02:44 PM
Dear Roger,
Never mind, you guys did well!
very big hugs to you all:)
09/25/2007 | 01:57 PM
Dear Roger,

Nice effort. The Davis cup is a team effort and i think you have done your best for the team. Winning all four grandslams, including the French open would be the ultimate. But don't be hard on yourself. I think Rafa is perhaps the greatest
09/25/2007 | 10:55 AM
Good Morning honey:
it was disapointing to not enjoed to world group but you do all you can do you win in two match but unfortionatly you lost in double match but Wawrinka he can't win to both match this was happened now take rest and best wishes to the
09/25/2007 | 09:24 AM
honestly speaking i did not support the swiss team since my country also plays,beside it would be switzerland's victory not roger's.
09/25/2007 | 05:25 AM
Hello fellow Roger fans! :)

We're currently petitioning Roger and his management to sell the RF logo hats Roger has been wearing at Wimbledon and the USO this year - for more information on how to sign and support the petition, please do check your mes
09/25/2007 | 04:41 AM
Hi Rog,
I watched the semi-final (or quarter final?) LIVE on the Tennis Channel the other early morning, and Igor Andreev beat Tommy Hass.
I just wanted to say that Igor played one of the best clay court matches I have ever seen, even as good as you a
09/25/2007 | 03:41 AM
Don't worry Roger! It's all good. You guys tried your hardest but it's ok to lose once in a while :). All the best
Your Loyal Fan
Rajit K.
P.S. Can't wait to see you in MSG and AUS
09/25/2007 | 01:25 AM
Tu as amené 2 point en simple et une balle de matche en double, ce qui prouve que tout seul, tu as tout fait... Congratulations Roger, see You in Tokyo & Madrid ^^
09/25/2007 | 12:47 AM
I m at home again.....I spent nice time in Prague!!!
Thank you for GREAT performance
NICE experience
to SEE you play life-exciting
I enjoyed Prague....hope you to