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Switzerland drops out of World Group

23.09.2007 | Tennis

Switzerland has dropped out of the World Group after having been defeated by the Czech Republic this weekend.


Roger had managed to even the score, 2-2, in the first match on Sunday, beating number ten ranked Tomas Berdych 7-6, 7-6, 6-3. But in the following match, Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka had to face a 6-7, 3-6, 6-7 defeat in the decisive fifth rubber, giving the Czechs the victory in Prague and a place in the 2008 World Group.


Switzerland will start the next Davis Cup season in Europe/Africa Zone Group I, a place they have not been in since 1994. They will play countries such as Croatia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Georgia and Macedonia or Luxembourg as well possibly Belarus and Israel.


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09/24/2007 | 04:31 PM
R O G I !!!
No problem Champ !!!

We all know you must be very dissapointed... you made a huge effort... you did everything you could... but DC its a team competition, and doesnt matter how hard you try... sometimes is not enough. Switzerland needed so
09/24/2007 | 04:19 PM
Well, I think it's not fair for Switzerland to play outside the World Group. But I'm certain you gave your best effort to help your country. You have several important tournaments to play in the near future, so Good luck champion! I will follow your perfo
09/24/2007 | 02:58 PM
that's all right rogie =)
u guys hav tried ur very best =)
09/24/2007 | 02:54 PM
Dearest Roger
i am so sorry that swiss team dropped out of world group.
don't give up yet.
best of luck for next time.
09/24/2007 | 02:41 PM
It's ok, Roger, next year you'll return to the World Group, and who knows, maybe you'll win the Cup in 2009. By then Wawrinka will have matured into a strong player. This year you all gave your everything and it was just not possible.
Best of lucks for t
09/24/2007 | 02:34 PM
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????? ??? ????? ?????? ????? ?? ?????? ;(.
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09/24/2007 | 02:32 PM
Its alright Roger. You guys did well
see you soon
09/24/2007 | 02:27 PM
Must be a big disapointment....
You did your best, what more could you do...

However, it must have been great, playing in and with a team again!! The support among eachother, all focusing on one and the same goal!!! Being in a different group off peop
09/24/2007 | 02:24 PM
IS alright :)
09/24/2007 | 01:50 PM
Hello Roger,
you don´t have to feel sorry, you did what you could -for me it was very difficult to cheer for our players against you. I am really happy that I saw you live, it´s one of dreams came true. You´re a great player and man, too. P.S.: And kick