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28.09.2007 | Tennis

Dear fans



I am really disappointed to have to withdraw from the AIG Japan Open, starting next week. I was very much looking forward to returning to Tokyo as the defending champion and seeing all the great fans at Ariyake stadium. Unfortunately I have still not fully physically recovered from the US Open and Davis Cup. I have been working hard with my team, especially my physiotherapist, in order to make it in time for the tournament in Tokyo . I am sorry to say that at this point my body is not ready yet and I need to rest for these extra days in order to avoid the risk of serious injury.






I hope you can understand my decision and I am looking forward to making up for it in the future!




Kind regards







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10/02/2007 | 11:41 AM
Hi Roger,
I was waiting for this tournament to be broadcast via sattelite, but don't worry we your fans understand your decision. You should really take care of your health. And thanks for the sincere message to all of us. Take more rest and GOD
10/02/2007 | 11:39 AM
That is right decision, Roger!
You really need a rest prior to Madrid.

Take care.

Kind regards,
10/02/2007 | 11:00 AM
Do not worry baby just be happy O.K
10/02/2007 | 08:51 AM
Dear Roger,

I'm really sad to hear that you withdraw from the Japan Open. The Thailand Open has just finished, and many players had withdrawn from this tournament with the same reasons as yours. But don't wory, Roger. I respect your decision and I agee
10/02/2007 | 08:48 AM
i glad that your thinking about your health and well-being.i wish you all the best roger.
10/02/2007 | 08:42 AM
Dear Roger,

Don't feel sorry about this, I think they, all your fans, can understand your problem and sastisfy with you. Take a rest to to have a good heath for next successfull year :).
10/02/2007 | 05:06 AM
Dear Roger,

Don’t worry and thank you for your sincere message. I was deeply comforted.
Your fans in Japan understand your decision.
Please rest enough and have a relaxed time with your family and friends.
We fans always like to see you at your best
10/02/2007 | 03:31 AM
It's ok Roger... you have the support of all your fans... we love you!!!!!!!!!
10/02/2007 | 03:08 AM
I have no interest in the draws, the live broadcast, the daily results and reports any more!!!

Just missing you!!

Please have a good recovery instead of holding the trophy of AIG OPEN.

See you in the Masters series Madrid!
10/02/2007 | 02:21 AM
After his semifinal at his last tournament (2002 US Open), Pete Sampras said the older you get, the more time your body needs to recover.
I'm glad Roger is working with a physiotherapist. Andre Agassi never did this and paid the price at the end. Heck,
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