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28.09.2007 | Tennis

Dear fans



I am really disappointed to have to withdraw from the AIG Japan Open, starting next week. I was very much looking forward to returning to Tokyo as the defending champion and seeing all the great fans at Ariyake stadium. Unfortunately I have still not fully physically recovered from the US Open and Davis Cup. I have been working hard with my team, especially my physiotherapist, in order to make it in time for the tournament in Tokyo . I am sorry to say that at this point my body is not ready yet and I need to rest for these extra days in order to avoid the risk of serious injury.






I hope you can understand my decision and I am looking forward to making up for it in the future!




Kind regards







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10/01/2007 | 11:41 AM
It's ok. Taking a good rest for a few days is good for you. You should have your physical team with you all the time, even when you are among strangers or fans.
10/01/2007 | 11:21 AM
Dear Roger ~
I had guessed that u would made thisdecision~~ that's ok ...
well,I hope to see you soon ~~
best wishes.
10/01/2007 | 11:06 AM
Dear Roger,
Have a good rest and we are waiting for you in Shanghai !
10/01/2007 | 10:19 AM
Hola Roger. Gracias por el mensaje que nos has enviado a todos tus seguidores, siempre estamos muy felices de recibirlos, nos encanta leerlos... No te preocupes entendemos que necesites tiempo para tu recuperacion despues haber participado en tan importa
10/01/2007 | 09:22 AM
it's okay:)
get ready for the madrid n shanghai
10/01/2007 | 08:08 AM
Hello fellow Roger fans! :)

If you liked the RF logo hats that Roger wore this year at Wimbledon and the USO, and can't seem to buy one - do check out the RF hats petition thread on the forum here at RF.com! We're petitioning Roger and his managemen
10/01/2007 | 06:14 AM
Yes, we will understand!
Don't worry!
Wish you have a good rest!
10/01/2007 | 05:50 AM
Dear Roger Federer--You are a warrior, in a very real sense, and the terracotta statue of you will be very suitable.
Recharge, and let your body, mind, and spirit recover.You are thoughtful with all the people who admire you, but we are the lucky ones
10/01/2007 | 05:03 AM
Dear Roger

please take time to take rest


Laddawan ( from Thailand )
10/01/2007 | 05:02 AM
Dear Roger

please take time to take rest


Laddawan ( from Thailand )