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No. 4 manliest man of 2007!

24.10.2007 | Off Court

Roger has been ranked as the No. 4 manliest man of 2007!


After a month-long voting period which saw over 1 million votes cast worldwide, stylish soccer phenom David Beckham emerged as the world’s No. 1 man’s man of 2007. Screen actor Matt Damon was the Top 49 runner-up, followed by Timbaland, the music producer extraordinaire and then our star Roger on fourth place. The rest of the top 10, in order, are: musician and actor Justin Timberlake, actor Daniel Craig, tech mogul Steve Jobs, actor (and 2006 winner) George Clooney, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and actor Christian Bale.


The annual Top 49 list is unique among celebrity rankings in that it is created by AskMen.com readers, rather than a stable of editors, making the list a true sense of today’s most respected male role models across industries such as entertainment, sports and technology.





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12/21/2007 | 11:36 AM
Am I such a fanatic fan of yours as to believe that you my dear Roger sould be elected as the No 1? ?ecause the three of them who are in front of you, have nothing more and better in every step, than you. Any way it is a matter of different opinion. Merr
12/17/2007 | 11:42 PM
Hi Roger,
What do you need to be the manliest man? Hairiest armpits?
The only other man in the top ten that I like is Christian Bale. Hubba hubba.
But I can think of a whole lot more men that would have been in my top ten...Alan Rickman, David Thewlis
11/14/2007 | 01:30 PM
congrats... but i think number 1 fits you better...lol
11/01/2007 | 06:11 AM
10/30/2007 | 03:21 PM
He should have won!!!!! he is the best ever!!!!!
10/29/2007 | 08:49 PM
Roger is the man
10/27/2007 | 10:18 AM
You´re always number one Roger, remember that!!!
10/27/2007 | 09:19 AM
So glad that you're gaining more and more fame off-court.

But I think you're the manliest when you win on-court.
10/27/2007 | 05:19 AM
Hello fellow Roger fans! :)

If you liked the RF logo hats that Roger wore this year at Wimbledon and the USO, and can't seem to buy one - do check out the RF hats petition thread on the forum here at RF.com! We're petitioning Roger and his management t
10/27/2007 | 03:10 AM
for me U are No.1 too.... we care a bout you so much.. keep doing what you do
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