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King Roger? No, King Arthur this time!

31.10.2007 | Off Court

Dressed as King Arthur from "The Sword in the Stone" for Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion, Roger was photographed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. The finished photo, entitled "Where You're Always King of the Court," shows Roger, red cape flowing, beside a roiling sea.


The photo shoot was done in Zürich (Switzerland) earlier this year. "I wore hair extensions which was rather funny as I suddenly had long hair again, just like a few years ago, " Roger said. "I always think it's cute when little kids dress up as Robin Hood or Tarzan. So when they approached me to do King Arthur I thought the idea was absolutely great. Now that you're older you don't get dressed up for a birthday party any more, so to be in armor was a special thing. I did feel strong on that rock. Everybody is looking at me. I'm higher than everybody. I got the sword, I got the armor and I got the longer hair going. It was a lot of fun."




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11/05/2007 | 07:26 AM
You are so coooool!
11/05/2007 | 07:22 AM
you look very very smart >_<
and so cute ^^
11/05/2007 | 06:58 AM
Roger the great,

Your picture as King Arthur is stunningly beautiful. Yes Roger, you are the king of Tennis. You are right, it sounds funny that you wore hair extension because you had long hair few years ago. Sometimes I miss your long hair. You a
11/05/2007 | 04:34 AM
You looked absolutely FANTASTIC as King Arthur.
Costume movies my favorite, you would be a great King ARthur !!!
11/05/2007 | 02:13 AM
woooww roger te ves muy bien, no soy de las fans ke cry cuando su idol esta close de ellas no I'm not like them pero te ves muy cute y la verdad es ke nunca pense ke eras tan exotic porke en us open you loked fine, but now you look so great
cuidate y es
11/05/2007 | 01:23 AM
You are the BEST.
You are the NUMBER 1.

"You're simply the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met"

11/04/2007 | 08:50 PM
Fantastic shots! I will be looking out for the photo insert in the next Vogue and Men's Vogue that will be coming out in December.
11/04/2007 | 08:32 PM
Roger - what a great shot and you are the king so what else needs to be said except maybe wow!
11/04/2007 | 05:02 PM
Hi Roger you look drop dead gorgeous,my mum bless her thinks so too xx
11/04/2007 | 12:42 PM
The looks fits perfectly!

I can imagine a life-sized version of the photo cropped to show just Federer, placed in a gilt frame and hung on a castle wall.

fitz1: I'm afraid I can't agree with you. Roger looks way too classy and regal to pose as T
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