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Roger upset by Nalbandian

01.11.2007 | Tennis

David Nalbandian proved too strong for Roger once again today. Our star was defeated 4-6, 6-7 (3) in the round of the last 16 at the Masters-Series tournament in Paris.


The match did not start well for Roger, falling behind two breaks. He managed to fight back to 4-5, but the Argentinian managed to hold serve in the last game, even if he had to struggle. Roger leveled a another break in the second set but was not able to take home the tie-break against the number 21 of the world ranking. Nalbandian's career record against Roger now stands at 8 wins and 8 losses.


This loss does not change anything about the fact that Roger will end the year as number one and will participate in the Masters Cup in Shanghai.

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11/05/2007 | 11:56 AM
I have just noticed your ranking points go down from around 7200 to 6530 and you werent even defending points last week. I'm very confused!
11/05/2007 | 11:54 AM
I was truly upset when you were beaten by Nalbandian for a 2nd time. I can well imagine how upset you must have been. The fact that he has beaten you, Nadal and Djokovic certainly proves he has improved immensely and has also done his homework on all thr
11/05/2007 | 11:49 AM
I was really upset to see you knocked out by Nalbandian for a 2nd time so I can just imagine how upset you must have felt. I am also sure that you must feel somewhat concerned that he has beaten you twice in a row. The fact that he has alsobeaten Nadal an
11/05/2007 | 11:11 AM
Nadal is ONLY 995 point behind Roger!! That is one GS loss or things could change drastically at the Shanghai Open if Roger doesn't defend his title successfully!!!!! Wake up Roger
11/05/2007 | 11:10 AM
Dear Roger
I thought Nalbandian played very well and once he beat you, knew he was going to win the title. But I felt you did not come on court with your A game. I felt you really didn't want to play the tournament but felt obliged to play. I wish you ha
11/05/2007 | 11:10 AM
11/05/2007 | 11:01 AM
He's fresh after doing nothing all year. Playing guys who have been at a high level all year long. He's playing outstanding tennis but will have to keep it up for more than a few weeks to maintain respect. Besides, he was playing hot tennis and you almost
11/05/2007 | 10:25 AM
Sorry, why today federer has lost 700 points on atp ranking? last year he didn't play in Paris....I don't understand.
11/05/2007 | 10:15 AM
never mind my hero, you're still the best!!! the tournament is still on and you'll be excellent and better...see u at Shanghai!
11/05/2007 | 08:10 AM
As typifying the chances of war, dear roger is, of course, not always successful
david is thirsty for the victory ,he has almost lost and rested for 9 months this year, but dear roger ,you've fighted for 9 months,you won 3 Grand Slams,so both your body