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Roger upset by Nalbandian

01.11.2007 | Tennis

David Nalbandian proved too strong for Roger once again today. Our star was defeated 4-6, 6-7 (3) in the round of the last 16 at the Masters-Series tournament in Paris.


The match did not start well for Roger, falling behind two breaks. He managed to fight back to 4-5, but the Argentinian managed to hold serve in the last game, even if he had to struggle. Roger leveled a another break in the second set but was not able to take home the tie-break against the number 21 of the world ranking. Nalbandian's career record against Roger now stands at 8 wins and 8 losses.


This loss does not change anything about the fact that Roger will end the year as number one and will participate in the Masters Cup in Shanghai.

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11/05/2007 | 03:02 AM
cheer up Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's the game,,, that's tennis
I mean not all the time you can win a match...,,
anyway your far too good than Nalbandian,,

that's all right,,,,
you're still the best for us....,,,
11/05/2007 | 01:22 AM
You are the BEST.
You are the NUMBER 1.

"You're simply the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met"

11/05/2007 | 12:20 AM
Love... smile in your eyes ROGER :)
11/04/2007 | 11:33 PM
It okay u still number 1!!!!Yay Luvs ya!!
11/04/2007 | 11:09 PM
Oh!! i would like to leave here this records of Mr Federer... so you fans can think better before you say something about this guy! His 4th year in a role with this numbers!! The best for tennis is not Roger to slow down, but the others to go up!! Fed
11/04/2007 | 11:01 PM
i just saw the Nadal-Nalbandian match... This guy is incredible! It shows (sadly for me) that Nadal is VERY powerfull player, but he has no "beauty" or imagination to make tennis look easy... Did you see that angles??? WOW! It will be a placer to see an
11/04/2007 | 10:17 PM
You're still the best. But you should also consider playing at Doha and keep the top spot all the way till Indian Wells where you'll get back the points you deserve. Go boy!
11/04/2007 | 10:15 PM
Don't worry Roger.
You are number 1 for ever!
11/04/2007 | 10:13 PM
Roger you can win! but you can´t win in front of Nalbandian because he drives your mind but you are the best and you´re for ever the best you can win in front of Nalbandian only drive your mind!
11/04/2007 | 09:17 PM
Dear Roger,
I have posted a comment on this article before, but after seeing the result of Nadal-Nalbandian match (6-4, 6-0) today and read Nadal's comments thereafer - "Today I played against one who is playing better than me and than the rest of the pl