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Masters Cup Groups announced

07.11.2007 | Tennis

Our star Roger, a three-time winner of the circuit-finale, will challenge Nikolay Davydenko, Andy Roddick and Fernando Gonzalez in Red Group round robin action.


Roger has a combined win-loss record of 34-1 against his three group opponents.

In the Gold Group, world number two Rafael Nadal will face world number three Novak Djokovic, Richard Gasquet and David Ferrer.

The top two players from each group go through to the semi finals of the tournament.

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11/12/2007 | 03:10 PM
In spite of Roger's amazing record coming into this tournament, he lost his first round robin march EVER in 5 years, in his OPENING GAME, to a man he beaten all 10 TIMES in the past.

Not a cause for a worry it seems, but not really. Roger has to chang
11/12/2007 | 03:07 PM
Oh man!!! I can't believe! :( I called in sick at work just to watch this match. Come on Federer cheer up, you're looking sad, I cannot even remember what your smile looks like! You have to enjoy the game, otherwise it's just work...

Go Federer!!!! :)
11/12/2007 | 02:56 PM
Hi Roger...Sad loss to Gonzo,but,you got to be really exhausted.Champ I think you're tired.
Just out of curiosity,I hope Mirka and you are not having problems ?
11/12/2007 | 02:56 PM
Dear Roger,
It is a little bit disappointed that you lost the 1st match though you earned more points. But sports world always the same, no one ever win and no one ever lose. We will be supporting you no matter you win or lose.
Your fans forever,
11/12/2007 | 02:55 PM
It was really disappointing to see you loose when you had such a good start. I know you play a game, you have a chance to loose. But consecutive loose to some tough guys, I think you need to review your strategy.

I do support you, please show your gl
11/12/2007 | 02:50 PM
Hi Roger,

It was difficult watching Gonzalez defeat u for the first sad. Oh it was so sad to watch but don't worry about it, just start getting ready for ur next match. U know it's a muct that u have 2 win the next two matches against Davydenko and Rod
11/12/2007 | 02:50 PM
Roger Team,

Nobody is taking care about my comments. Roger is beginning his defense of his Master title with a strong defeat. He really needs to hire a coach asap. Too bad see he losing a lot of matches this year. He is really not good and probably we
11/12/2007 | 11:39 AM
Go go go Roger!
Wish you the very best of luck!
Love forever,
Daley xxx
11/12/2007 | 10:50 AM
hey Roger I know that Roger only you will win the trophy again for the fourth time and I wish all the luck to you Roger and please don't let me or your any of your fans down and please stay aggressive on and off the court and also please keep the record o
11/12/2007 | 10:36 AM
Hi Roger!
I just know your going to win this tourny! This is where you show the rest WHY you are the No 1 Player for the 4th year.
Show them in good style which only you can do.
I'll be watching you as much as possible during this week.
Love you forev
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