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Back on Track

14.11.2007 | Tennis

Roger recovered from his defeat by Fernando Gonzalez with a 6-4, 6-3 win over Russian Nikolay Davydenko in his second Masters Cup group match.


Our star demonstrated exactly how much his win meant by roaring with delight when Davydenko sent a forehand long on his match point.


Despite a few glitches along the way, including 39 unforced errors to just 23 winners, Roger looked extremely focused as he improved his round-robin record to 1-1 in the season-ending tournament.


Roger faces Andy Roddick in his final group match, needing a win to be sure of reaching the semi-finals.

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11/15/2007 | 11:12 PM
Good match! It's really nice to see you showing your emotions out there, we really admire your commitment in always trying your best.
Keep it up............good luck on your match tomorrow and for the rest of the tournament!
11/15/2007 | 10:26 PM
Go Roger Go~~~

Come on, I think you can beat Andy again, porve him that you are the man, the true world No.#1
11/15/2007 | 10:02 PM
Dear Roger,
No rest for the weary! Just a few more matches to go before you can get some well deserved rest. Please keep it together so that you can once again end the season on a high note and start next season with a lot of momentum. Regardless of
11/15/2007 | 09:55 PM
you have to concentarate !! the match whith andy it's gonna be really hard !! come on !!! We have your back !!you're the king !! prove it !! let the world know who has the most feared forehand !! play on Roger !!
11/15/2007 | 09:52 PM
Dear Roger,
The best thing that can happen 2moro is dat u must beat that loud mouth Andy Roddick. He was saying after the match that he will fight hard to beat u and send u packing and a couple of guys will be cheering 4 him to do so. Pleasssssssseeeeeee
11/15/2007 | 09:42 PM
To Filo,

If ur a fan of ROger, u should support him win or lose. No body is writing love letter or using this as an avenue to do so, all they say is words of encouragement that will strengthen Roger to win and continue to do better. I bet u equally pre
11/15/2007 | 09:41 PM
Hope u will bring on yr A+ game and beat Andy thoroughly. If there is one game I really like to see u win , its this one, just shut up Andy's humongous ego and big mouth !
GO.........................ROGER !!
11/15/2007 | 09:34 PM
To astarte

Don't even try to question my fanhood...I watched Roger win the orange bowl back in the mid 90's. Even then I told everyone that he would one day wear the title of the "greatest to play the game".

But that doesn't mean I have to turn
11/15/2007 | 09:17 PM
Hey Bonzie, you're cool! This Roddick guy (+ Gonzalez) I tell you are COCKY big time!!!

You are right, Fed should beat the crap out of him!!!! whatever will be the outcome tomorrow, It'll be alright, in fact if Fed does not make it (hoping he will),
11/15/2007 | 09:05 PM
Hello Roger:

I am eagerly awaiting tomorrows game. Best of game for you. I wish you can play good and win.
Rafa is waiting in the semis for another classic with you.

All the best


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