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Back on Track

14.11.2007 | Tennis

Roger recovered from his defeat by Fernando Gonzalez with a 6-4, 6-3 win over Russian Nikolay Davydenko in his second Masters Cup group match.


Our star demonstrated exactly how much his win meant by roaring with delight when Davydenko sent a forehand long on his match point.


Despite a few glitches along the way, including 39 unforced errors to just 23 winners, Roger looked extremely focused as he improved his round-robin record to 1-1 in the season-ending tournament.


Roger faces Andy Roddick in his final group match, needing a win to be sure of reaching the semi-finals.

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11/15/2007 | 02:33 PM
Well, well.. Let's see. It's really annoying to read some posts criticizing Roger's play these days. Come on, people, if you have nothing good to say then just say nothing... we will really appreciate that. Roger might not be at his best but I'm sure he h
11/15/2007 | 02:30 PM
Hello fellow Roger fans! :)

If you liked the RF logo hats that Roger wore this year at Wimbledon and the USO, and can't seem to buy one - do check out the RF hats petition thread on the English ‘Roger Off Court’ forum here at RF.com (link: www.rogerfed
11/15/2007 | 02:25 PM
hello Roger and all Federer supporter.....
to all the critics to Roger, everybody has to relax and just let roger play, ups and down are normal and Roger is not a machine, and he's already number 1° and one of the best in the history, Roger is a great pe
11/15/2007 | 02:15 PM
For all of you fans who think Roger Federer cannot take criticism from fans, remember, he is not the American president......

Roger listens to his fans and is enough of a man to handle criticism. To be a fan does not mean to be blind. If we cheer him
11/15/2007 | 02:01 PM
Roger, I have watched your matches all season. In only a few have I seen the inspired "in the zone" performance that you exhibited in AO7. Today, I watched David Ferrer and he is playing like you used to. In The Zone. Where has it gone for you? You need
11/15/2007 | 01:47 PM
Good, keep it up.
Best Wishes
11/15/2007 | 01:35 PM
Hallo Roger,
Gratulation! Du hast gestern sehr gut gespielt! Mach weiter so und du wirst den Masters gewinnen. Viel Glück!
11/15/2007 | 11:30 AM
go roger. I wish you the best against Roddick
11/15/2007 | 11:02 AM
Not sure if all of you have read this article from Eurosport news (just a small portion of the article) but I put this up anyway.

Title : New tennis generation threatens Federer, Nadal

"Russia's Nikolay Davydenko, beaten by a lacklustre Federer late
11/15/2007 | 11:01 AM

Can someone help re the scoring in the Masters Cup. I don't understand how Roddick is already through. If Roger wins in 2 sets v Roddick and Gonzalez wins v Davydenko in 2 sets then surely Roger would be through on a 2-1, 5 sets to 2 lead and Roddick an