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Roger breezes into semis

16.11.2007 | Tennis

Despite knowing when he took the court that both he and Andy Roddick had qualified for the semifinals, Roger sent a message to the man he may meet again in the final. Our star produced his best performance of the tournament to blitz Roddick 6-4, 6-2, to record his 11th consecutive victory over the American.


Roger was at his imperious best against Roddick, hitting 33 winners to 14, and making just 13 unforced errors.


The win elevated Roger to top spot in the group, ensuring that he would, for the second consecutive year, meet arch rival Rafael Nadal in the semifinals tomorrow.



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11/16/2007 | 10:19 PM
congratulations roger , hey men i was worried before the match started but when i saw you serve, i knew you will do it again, i hope you do the same with nadal, he is tuff but this is you surface, you need to put the things clear with him, show him that y
11/16/2007 | 09:54 PM
ha! I knew it! Thank u very much because today I REALLY enjoyed watching your tennis!!!

Well, tomorrow Rafa. The truth is I like him too, you know, he´s Spanish, so I´m sure it will be a great match! Don´t forget he´s really strong and that he´s willin
11/16/2007 | 09:54 PM
I've got to say though that Andy Roddick is a class act in that he continues to put such losses away and still come up with such compliments as "It seems like most times we play he's on top of his game, which is a little annoying. I guess I just have to f
11/16/2007 | 09:52 PM
Awesome match. Almost as fun to watch as the last time you played him in the US Open. He was totally outmatched!
11/16/2007 | 09:47 PM
I missed it all - rats!
Nonetheless, cudos to you: for the great result; for putting yourself back up where you belong; and for making a determined choice on how you want to get to you your holiday, putting Rafi out at the semifinal after knocking Andi f
11/16/2007 | 09:44 PM
i know you hear this all the time, but you are WONDERFULL!!! Good luck tomorow...
love you
11/16/2007 | 09:44 PM
congratulation roger!!best best best!!
SHH...QUIET....GENIUS AT WORK!!its true!!you are the genius:D
come on tomorrow...
11/16/2007 | 09:42 PM
Andy has to learn when to keep his mouth shut. Again, he was wrong in his recent statements and Roger gave him a great tennis lesson. Well done, Roger!!!

Good luck in the semis!
11/16/2007 | 09:34 PM
Hi Roger

It was a fantastic match...relly enjoyed seeing oyu dismantle Roddick!
Please have the same focused attitude in your match tomorrow against Nadal.....you CAN do it!!!
11/16/2007 | 09:32 PM

supercoooooooooooooooool !