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150'000 users!

08.12.2007 | Off Court

Dear fans


We have hit the 150'000 mark in terms of registered users today! This is great news and I am thrilled to see that we have had the privilege to welcome another 50’000 members this year. You might remember that we reached 100’000 at the beginning of the year, during the Australian Open. The 150’000th member will be receiving an autographed Roger Federer calendar, by the way!


A lot has happened since my first website which allowed users to register went live in September 2003. Looking at the entire period of time since then, almost 100 users joined the rf.com community every day! I am so proud to have such great support on the web and so happy that my initial goal - giving my fans the possiblity to interact and enjoy the incredible ride with me in some way - has worked out so well. I’d like to thank you all for having helped make this happen. I will be writing you my next newsletter very soon – just in time for Christmas – to fill you in on all the details.


Right now I am still enjoying a very relaxing beach-holiday together with Mirka in order to recharge my batteries. I’ll be returning home in a few days before taking up serious training again!


Sunny regards




PS: Don't forget the new websites that we've also created for you this year: my official shop and the Roger Federer Foundation website, see below for the links.



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12/14/2007 | 11:43 AM
hey Roger it's great to hear that so many of your fans are registering on your site and this number is just so small and I know you will be having many members one day I do think there will be crores of members and it's great that you launched your site a
12/12/2007 | 04:01 AM
Go ahead Champion!!!

We will be with you next year!!!

12/12/2007 | 03:21 AM
Hi...roger!!!it' pleasure to be one of ur all millions fans out there....i hope someday ur website will have 1 billion and more...more,i hope next year u'll stronger and clean up all grandslam title next year...Rog! 4ever...
12/11/2007 | 11:48 PM
Great to hear you already have more than 150.000 registered users on your website. Just shows how many people love you as a person and sportsman. Enjoy your beach-holiday with Mirka. Before you know it, you'll be back training for 2008. We can hardly wait
12/11/2007 | 08:49 PM
with honor!
it is just so great to be one of the members!!
12/11/2007 | 07:42 PM
Good Roger!!!

Relax and rest !! Then you are gonna train hard and will win the Australian Open again and you will have a good start!


12/11/2007 | 05:53 PM
Congratullations for us,I'm really proud to be one of rf.com members.
12/11/2007 | 05:49 PM
hi roger. we can't stop congratulating you because you keep being granted awards after awards. this time it's for BBC's overseas personality of the year 2007, the third time you got it, and it's only muhamad ali who did this hat-trick too. glad to hear th
12/11/2007 | 05:41 PM
You are still able to do more and more and I am really so happy when u collect the champions and all your fans hope to get the four grand slams chmpions this season.

12/11/2007 | 05:38 PM
Dear Rogiiiiii,,

You are great palyer and just we need to be more strong this season and achive more and more championchip and save your position at first.

Always you are in our hearts,,

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