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Happy New Year!

31.12.2007 | Off Court

Dear fans


Happy New Year to all of you all around the world! I am really looking forward to all the coming challenges and am eager to start the new season. It will, after all, be a special year as the Olympic Games in Beijing add a spectacular highlight to the tennis-year. Furthermore, I will definitely be spending quite some time rooting myself – as the European Soccer Championships will be held in Switzerland and Austria in summertime. That will without doubt be a great soccer spectacle which I am also an official ambassador for.


It is wonderful to know that such a large group of fans always follows me to tournaments and venues all around the globe. I am looking forward to standing on court and hearing, seeing or even meeting you guys. Here’s to an unforgettable 2008!


Yours truly,



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01/03/2008 | 08:56 AM
Wishing you a wonderful new year, Roger!
01/03/2008 | 05:40 AM
Cheers to your feat in 2007, and looking forward to 2008. Go for the gold, and break all grandslam records. May you always be healthy, and injury free so that you could achieve all of these. We are with you in your dreams, and we will forever be with you
01/03/2008 | 04:22 AM
Hello fellow Roger fans!

As you already know, the black RF hats with silver lettering recently went on sale in the Roger Federer Shop at 250 CHF in aid of the Roger Federer Foundation. If you would like to own a hat of your own and do your bit for char
01/03/2008 | 04:07 AM
Happy new year to you ,Roger!
Good luck in 2008!
01/03/2008 | 01:47 AM
Happy New Year to you too, Roger.
Good luck in 2008, especially in Roland Garros!!!
01/03/2008 | 01:18 AM
Happy New Year Roger! I hope you have a great 2008 and good luck at the Australian Open - I can't wait to watch!!!

01/03/2008 | 12:59 AM
It is so fantastic that you are an ambassador for the Euro 2008! Soccer is my first love, tennis is second. I wish I could go to your country to watch some matches & see the scenery! Maybe when my daughters are a bit older!

Have a divine 2008
01/03/2008 | 12:08 AM
I hope 2008 is a great year for you and all of your fans. I can't wait for the season to begin. Stay healthy and train hard...as you know everyone is gunning for you.
01/03/2008 | 12:00 AM
Happy New Year, dear Roger!
And may this year be a year full of happiness, great health and many, many victories!!

I wish you, your family and friends all the best!!

Kisses and lots of love
01/02/2008 | 11:16 PM
Happy New Year to you to Rog! Cheers to very good 2008 season!