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Out of AAMI Classic

07.01.2008 | Tennis

Dear fans


After arriving in Australia last Friday, I came down with a terrible stomach virus on Saturday and it continued to get worse over the weekend. After trying to practise on Saturday afternoon, I went to see the doctors and they immediately performed a series of tests. The doctors have advised me that I should take a couple of days off and recuperate so that I am able to be 100% for the start of the Australian Open. Therefore, as a precaution, I will need to withdraw from Kooyong. I hope to resume practice by the middle of the week.


See you soon!


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01/08/2008 | 04:04 PM
Take care,Roger!
we all support you no matter what happened. You will be your 100% at AO with our love.
It'll be OK,Roger.You are the best.
Best wishes
Yujun Jiang
01/08/2008 | 04:00 PM
Take care,Roger!
We all support you no matter what happened,you will be 100% at AO with our love.
Pray 4U,Roger,just be OK .
Best wishes
Yujun Jiang
01/08/2008 | 03:50 PM
Tough break, sorry to hear of your illness. Things happen, but it's early and 2007 season just ended. Rest up for the Aussie, then show no mercy my friend. Cheers, and I hope you are feeling better...
01/08/2008 | 03:48 PM
Get well soon, Roger!
I know what you're talking about: this is the second time this winter that I came down with a virus while having to study for exams, so I really feel for you!
01/08/2008 | 03:40 PM
Dearest Roger,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your stomach virus, you must be feeling terrible both physically and mentally! Good thing Mirka is there to take care of you, just imagine being alone, abroad and sick... right before a GS!

I'll keep my
01/08/2008 | 03:26 PM
get well soon federer we r waiting to c u
good luck fr all championship
01/08/2008 | 02:50 PM
Of course, late as always! BUT, I am glad you listen to your body and your doctors well....we would much rather see you play stellar level at the AO, (which we know you will do, as you ALWAYS do at slams), and be well....your health is much more importan
01/08/2008 | 02:49 PM
get well soon roger and win your 13th!!! we'll be praying for you so goodluck and again get well soon!! :)
01/08/2008 | 02:23 PM
hi roger,
hope you are recovering well.... I cannot tell you how unbelieveably disappointed i am to know about your withdrawl from Kooyong Open. I bought the tickets and took leave from work just to see you. Now I am going to work tomorrow :( . Aus open
01/08/2008 | 01:54 PM
Come on Roger! you MUST win your 13th slam!