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Back on track

09.01.2008 | Tennis

Roger was able to attend a first training session after having had to rest for a couple of days due to stomach flu. The training in Rod Laver Arena (The center court of the Australian Open) is of vital importance as a new type of surface has been installed (Plexicushion) there - and that certainly takes some getting used to.


Roger had to cancel his participation in the tournament in Kooyong, a district of Melbourne, on Monday du to his illness. He will now possibly be taking part in an exhibition match at the Kooyong stadium.

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01/10/2008 | 04:30 PM
My dear Roger, honey and apple cyder will do wonders for you... just mix one tea-spoon of each with a glass of water tree times in day on empty stomach before meals. From ancient times, this tonic is called ' a wonder tonic'.
Love you always, stay put,
01/10/2008 | 04:25 PM
Dear Roger,
Great to hear the news that you are recovering well. Hope your training goes well on this new surface and you will be comfortable playing matches. Have a great time, can't wait to see you play soon.
01/10/2008 | 03:30 PM
Dear Roger,

I am so glad for you that you are back on court. How are you feeling? Please don't push yourself too hard and get back to the normal slowly. The most important thing is your health. The rest will resolve in time.
I wish you very best.
01/10/2008 | 01:57 PM
Glad to hear that you are back, Rog!
Good luck and keep it up!

Sachu from Argentina
01/10/2008 | 01:44 PM
01/10/2008 | 01:36 PM
So happy to hear that you are OK!

Best wishes
01/10/2008 | 01:36 PM
PHEW!!!! Its just wouldn't be the same without you! I'm still nervous since I saw pictures of your practice and you were pointing to your stomach...bbut I hope by Monday you will be 100%
Good luck and take care!!! You're still the best no matter what. :)
01/10/2008 | 01:28 PM
This is terrific news!!!! Just take care of yourself.....and good luck in the Australian Open. Can't wait to see you on court once again, dear Rogi...

With love,

Ruthie K
Boston, MA, USA
01/10/2008 | 01:22 PM
So glad to hear Roger!!
Show the world that you are the greatest!!!
01/10/2008 | 01:20 PM
Dear Roger
I was happy when I heared that wonderful news and I hope you are feeling better now and strong as before
Take care of yourself
Best wishes