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The FedererExpress

18.01.2008 | Off Court

Charged by the global community of rogerfederer.com with delivering fan mail in the “Red Envelope” to the no.1 tennis player in the world, a group of Australian fans are intent on creating a world first: a van converted into a mobile shrine to their hero, the "FedererExpress"!  


A 1988 Tarago, doomed for the scrap heap, is to get a new life, wrapped in professionally designed vinyl lettering and photos of our champion. In case the message is not clear, balloons and pom poms in the Swiss colours red and white will finish the design. The FedererExpress is the brainchild of a group of die-hard Roger Federer fans desperate to attract the attention of their hero. They come from all parts of Australia, but met here on Roger's website. They share a common passion and are now friends for life.


The FedererExpress will be running everyday the group is at the Australian Open. So it has been en route for a few days already and the reactions from the media and the tennis fans have been wonderful.


So look out for the FedererExpress and the “Shhh!! Quiet! Genius at Work” banner that has followed Roger to each of his tournaments around the world over the last two years.




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01/17/2009 | 05:09 PM
It'S wOnDeRfUl RoGeR!!!
YoU aRe ThE BeSt!!!
01/17/2009 | 04:25 PM
Very good my friend!!
Come ooonnn Rogerr!!!
01/17/2009 | 05:09 AM
How cool. Roger has the best fans in the business.
01/17/2009 | 01:30 AM
This is soooo cooool and the video is fantastic as well. RRRReally FFFFabulous

Congratulation to all of you
01/16/2009 | 05:39 PM
YAY, pic on the front page and a story too, congrats and thanks for carrying all of our good wishes to Roger.
01/16/2009 | 04:30 PM
Wow............that brings a lot enthusiasm for me.That is a wonderful idea. I would like thank each every one who has done a great job.That shows how the fans are united and how much they are dieing and loving for the one only ROGER FEDERER .
01/16/2009 | 12:03 PM
wow you are sooooooo amazinggggggggg
thanksssssssssss every one who made that
i am soooooooooooooooo happpppppppyyyyyyyyy
for rogerrrrrrrrrr fansssssssss and alll who do that
thankssssssssssss it was a great work fantasticcccccccccccccc
01/16/2009 | 10:54 AM
you are the best Roger!
01/16/2009 | 09:09 AM
Come on the King!
01/26/2008 | 02:39 AM
gRaitE iDea!!!!
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