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Red RF caps now available!

22.01.2008 | Foundation

Get your ultimate Roger-fan-equipment now: the Nike-cap held entirely in red and white - the colours of the Swiss flag! The 'RF' logo is stitched on the front of the cap in large letters in white, a little Nike swoosh is featured on the side and it says 'ROGER FEDERER FOUNDATION' in the back. This red cap is exclusively on sale by the Roger Federer Foundation and is the same as Roger wears.


The Nike cap is available in one size and in red only. The proceeds from the sale of the caps go into the Roger Federer Foundation.

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09/02/2008 | 09:36 AM
That's Great! I'll get one, but why aren't they selling it in pounds???
08/30/2008 | 07:31 AM
Hi, Roger.

I dont know how to pm you but I'm just here tot tell you...

I watch you every time your on the T.V. and when your in the newspaper as well.

From Lydia
08/30/2008 | 07:28 AM
This is really cool.

I must buy one.

08/21/2008 | 05:31 PM
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!I Bought it and now I look forward receiving it!!!!!!!!!
08/21/2008 | 01:01 PM
Hi kona_papag !
I've send you a PM but seeing you didn't open it, I decide to write here:
You can click the link you see under the text of this new "Roger Federer Shop", there, you can click "add to cart" (under RF cap photo) and you will continue.. ho
08/17/2008 | 09:34 PM
Could somebody tell me how i can buy it from the internet?
08/17/2008 | 08:06 AM
Dearest Roger,

We are so glad that you clinched your dream come true "gold" . This is very good for your morale and confidence and what was best, was to see u smile again on court . Keep it goin Roger.... you always reign as the number one player !!!
08/06/2008 | 11:59 PM
Great roger thanks, and I hope i will see it available in all stores
07/27/2008 | 09:58 AM
I will buy it!

Thanks Roger!!!!!!=)
07/22/2008 | 04:11 PM
its perfect