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Roger's finals run stopped

25.01.2008 | Tennis

Roger has been defeated in straight sets in the semifinal of the Australian Open. His opponent, Novak Djokovic, came back from 3-5 in the first set to win the match at 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (7-5).


Novak Djokovic was simply too strong, too steady. Where Roger inched past him in the last grand slam final - the U.S. Open last September - this time the Serb was always a nose ahead. "I think he made the more important points today, it was a bit unfortunate for me," Roger commented. "It depends a lot on form, you can't always play your best. It's not easy coming out every week trying to win. You'll always run into fellow top-10 players or other guys who are on a streak or on a hot run or surprise you."


Roger added he was far from his best in the Rod Laver Arena, but said he gave everything he had to try and get back into the match."There's some sort of a disappointment. But from the spirit, the way I fought, the way I tried, it's all I could give," he said.


This defeat was Roger's first in straight sets at a grand slam since he lost to Gustavo Kuerten in the 2004 French Open.The holder of 12 grand slam crowns, his chase of Pete Sampras's record 14 is now on ice until the 2008 French Open begins in May.

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02/02/2008 | 09:11 AM
To Shaida:

Oh, I hope he gets Darren Cahill too! He's exactly the type that Roger needs. Downplayed and quiet, and willing to let Roger do his thing; yet there for Roger every step of the way.

To Fedex100:
02/02/2008 | 08:03 AM
das bad. but hope for the best
02/02/2008 | 07:42 AM
dont worry man...........

i know your the best and u always prove it.

good luck

no.1 all the way
02/02/2008 | 07:26 AM

I share the same feeling... I was so upset after Roger's loss, I thought nobody could understand me (my friends and family sure didn't!). But when I logged on here, I realized how wrong I was! I got so much support and encouraging words fr
02/02/2008 | 05:55 AM
Just beat Pete.
02/02/2008 | 05:04 AM
Shaida.- You are a lucky girl!!! I´m happy for you and I love to be in your shoes for a minute near my dear one Roger. If it was able, I'll go where everhe goes to support him and also to have the opportunity to know people as you and all the ones that
02/02/2008 | 04:38 AM
Hey ROGER!!!
you are stil the BEST!!!
a 'four leaf' for you,
especially from me^^
it represents Good Luck in chinese!!!
02/02/2008 | 02:24 AM
Where is Roger?
The Tennis Master...
Still not feeling better?
May you find your form again
To face another opponent
Just give your very best
And God will do the rest.
Good luck!
02/02/2008 | 01:42 AM
This wasn't the result we wanted but you still fought hard which is admirable.

I believe this may be the year in which you win the French Open. I hope that the rest of your season is successful and (most importantly) that you are healthy and happy.
02/02/2008 | 01:31 AM
thank you to "Fedex100" for all the nice comments and the nice articles he sends us! :)

hey guys what do you all think about Darren Cahill being Rog's coach? I like his tennins 'talk' when he does tv commentating and he was Andre's coach, so he does k
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