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Andy Murray in round no. 1

02.03.2008 | Tennis

Roger will meet Andy Murray (ATP 12) in the first round of the Dubai Championships on Monday. Roger has not played since his defeat by eventual champion Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of the Australian Open over a month ago.  


Murray has won already two tournament in the first two months of this year. The head to head currently stands at 1-1, Roger took home the final in Bangkok in 2005, Murray won Cincinnati in 2006. Roger could meet fellow countryman Stanislas Wawrinka (ATP 34) in the round of the last 8.


"I knew the draw was going to be tough but this is obviously a bit more particular because my opponent's so high ranked," our star said. "He's already won two tournaments and I haven't even played two tournaments, so it's an interesting first-round match."


"I'm saving myself for what's ahead, and ahead is a lot of tournaments," he added. "From Dubai to the U.S. Open I'll not have more than two weeks off ever. So taking the break was all part of the plan. But I'm happy to be back playing, first of all, because I've been away from the game a little bit, taking it easy. It's only my second tournament in four months so I'm just excited being back healthy after struggling in Australia. Hopefully this time round I'll feel better on the court again."

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03/03/2008 | 09:40 PM
Roger, i love you very much and i am sorry that you had to lost. I wish you best of luck in the remainder of the season. You are the best, dont ever forget it. Love you, love you, love you.
03/03/2008 | 09:35 PM
How come u met him in the first round! so sorry to hear the news. Heartbreaking!! anyway, it doesn't really matter, right? u're gonna take them all next tournament! go for it! please do not have any doubt about yourself, but do have a careful recall what
03/03/2008 | 09:32 PM
I totally agree with Maroni....
03/03/2008 | 09:29 PM
Dear Roger!
It's really hard to imagine what kind of effort requires to win the same title for the 5-th time, but no doubt it's tough to do. Unfortunately, the draw turned against you this year, it's a shame.
It's deffinitely not an easy start for t
03/03/2008 | 09:25 PM
03/03/2008 | 09:20 PM
Dear Roger,
It was heart-rending for me to see that bitter disappointment on Your face after the match. You must have a tough time now and I can truly feel for You. Please, remember, You're still the same Roger Federer, who won 12 GS-s and 53 titles over
03/03/2008 | 09:19 PM
The problem is he can't play a quality player in the first round because he needs easy players the first few rounds to get up to speed. Most quality younger players are already up to speed in their first round. Roger needs to play more tennis. The long ga
03/03/2008 | 09:14 PM
please do not be sorry and worry
you are the best player in the history and you will be forever.......
nothing will be changed this reality
it is impossible to win always
please forget today and be ready for indian wells
you and we all your fans a
03/03/2008 | 09:13 PM
It figures Roger loses in the first round. How do you expect to stay sharp while not playing for two solid months? It's his own fault and I think he know it
03/03/2008 | 09:11 PM
Well... I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed when you lost.
But Roger it's normal to lose sometimes even more times in a row, I mean you're only human and nobody is perfect. You proved many times that you are probably the best player who
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