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Early end in Dubai

03.03.2008 | Tennis

Unfortunately Roger's quest to defend his title in Dubai already came to an end today as he lost against Britain's Andy Murray 7-6(6), 3-6, 4-6. It was his first defeat in the opening round of an ATP tournament since August 2004.


"Normally I manage to win such matches. But not today," Roger analised. "One of the big guys had to go out. It's difficult but it could have been worse. It wasn't a bad match but that's the only positive I can take," he said. "I thought I was missing forehands by two or three metres. That's awful. You have it lined up and suddenly it's out which comes as a shock."


It is the second time Murray has defeated Roger, with the first in the second round of the 2006 Cincinnati tournament.


Next up for our champ is the NetJets Showdown against Pete Sampras next week in New York.






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03/07/2008 | 09:44 PM
It doesn't matter Rog its going to be okay


03/07/2008 | 09:33 PM
This is surprising Rog. You need to get a handle on your game, understand what's been going wrong, and then refocus and attack. To me, you are still number 1 both on and off the court, and I have all the confidence in the world that you will bounce back f
03/07/2008 | 09:29 PM
Dear Roger,
Hope you feel much better now. Be careful with monnucleosis!
It is great to read you are allowed to intensivate your training again.
Have a good warm up against Pete and good luck in your upcoming tournements.
with love,
03/07/2008 | 09:12 PM
we all know who you are...you think you have nothing to prove?you're wrong! thing that i love most about the way you play,is the changes that are happening when you are on court.calm,gentle,aristocratic person gets furious,angry. thats what you need to do
03/07/2008 | 08:56 PM
whatever happens roger, i will be still your biggest fan, through thick and thin. you add spice to our lives, just watching your perfect tennis. be humble and believe in yourself always!

good luck and God bless in your upcoming tour!!!
03/07/2008 | 08:14 PM
Dear Roger,

I have just read about your viral illness. Do hope that you are now feeling much better. All credit to you for competing in the AO and Dubai when you were obviously not well but that is the true professional you are. Take care.

Love F
03/07/2008 | 07:59 PM
Dear Roger,

So sorry about your loss to Murray. It was unfortunate that the way the draw went you were up against a tough opponent in the very first round. However, I know you will bounce back from this because you are such a great champion.

03/07/2008 | 07:53 PM
Roger has had mononucleosis since December. This energy-draining viral infection will certainly impact his preparations and performances. It's amazing he even played at that level against Murray.
03/07/2008 | 07:48 PM
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03/07/2008 | 07:44 PM
I think that's just strategy. Indian Wells torunament it's so much important then Dubai's....I think Nadal and Djokovic didn't gave 100 percent to save theirs strengths to the upcomming torunaments
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