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Early end in Dubai

03.03.2008 | Tennis

Unfortunately Roger's quest to defend his title in Dubai already came to an end today as he lost against Britain's Andy Murray 7-6(6), 3-6, 4-6. It was his first defeat in the opening round of an ATP tournament since August 2004.


"Normally I manage to win such matches. But not today," Roger analised. "One of the big guys had to go out. It's difficult but it could have been worse. It wasn't a bad match but that's the only positive I can take," he said. "I thought I was missing forehands by two or three metres. That's awful. You have it lined up and suddenly it's out which comes as a shock."


It is the second time Murray has defeated Roger, with the first in the second round of the 2006 Cincinnati tournament.


Next up for our champ is the NetJets Showdown against Pete Sampras next week in New York.






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03/07/2008 | 07:44 PM
what happend Roger!!!!!????
Your are the best and I love you!!!!
Please, winn!!!
Your number one fans of Argentina.
03/07/2008 | 07:40 PM
The mono explains it all. In light of that, Roger's performance in the last few months is even more remarkable. Love and positive thoughts, Lily
03/07/2008 | 07:37 PM
Yes, I just read the article by Christopher Clarey. He kept it to himself, he was diagnosed having the mono, no wonder he was sluggish.

Hoping and praying you'll be 100% well soon. We understand. Love you so.

03/07/2008 | 07:25 PM
Roger with mononucleosis ???

Check this article in the New York Times:

03/07/2008 | 07:02 PM
R O G I !!!

Dont worry Champ !!!
There is not reason to worry about, you need to play more, that is all.
When i saw you had Murray in ur first match, i knew would be really tough, he is in fire, you havent played too much lately, so i think is the no
03/07/2008 | 06:41 PM
For all worried fans,

The article “Relax, Federer fans - it's early” by Tom Perrotta at Tennis.com will cheer you up !


03/07/2008 | 06:32 PM
No matter, fans ... Nothing has changed.
We are only starting the year.
Federer lost, but Nadal and Djokovic lost too.
Nothing as the day after another day ...
It's impossible to win all of the tournaments and the games.
Go, Roger and show everybody
03/07/2008 | 05:52 PM
Loud mouthed Djokovic was defeated today by Andy Roddick. How sweet! You see why it is not good for pride to go b4 a fall. Quoting him what he said about Murray defeating Federer, I expected that Andy Roddick will defeat him because he thinks he has come
03/07/2008 | 05:09 PM
I feel the same as below:

Can someone please explain to me how the draws are done, how come Roger got the hardest match out of the top 8, check this out:

(1)Federer vs (12) Murray
(2) Nadal vs (27) Kohlschreiber
(3) Djokovic vs (45) Cilic
(4) Fer
03/07/2008 | 05:04 PM
Roger you need to remind yourself YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD. I was so sorry to see you go out in Dubai, you're the only player I ever want to see play tennis. Please start winning again Roger TELL YOURSELF YOU ARE THE BEST. Love you Annette xxx