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Still waiting for first 2008 title

23.03.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to end his run for another title in Indian Wells today after losing to American Mardy Fish 6-3, 6-2 in the semi-final of the Pacific Life Open.


Roger fell behind 0-3 after only 15 minutes against Fish - who had entered the tournament thanks to a wild-card. 15 unforced errors made our star's life everything than easy in the first set and he only saw one break-ball during the entire match - compared to 7 by Fish.


Roger came to the court 5-0 in the series and having lost one set out of a dozen played against the American. Our number one still has to wait for his first title this year.

Fish will play Sunday's final against Novak Djokovic, who clearly beat Rafael Nadal in the semis.


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03/28/2008 | 05:25 AM
It's simply day dreaming for those like Rubenn who get to see Roger lose and get dropped to #97!!! What does this guy think of himself? An astrologer?
C'mon Roger, U need to give a great answer to the whole world! You can and we all know u will!
03/27/2008 | 02:37 PM
Rubenn - Yes, some day, some body will take over the number 1 mantle. Whether it is Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Tsonga - who knows who will and when? Roger has consistently given us immense joy through his tennis over the last so many years. We all want him
03/27/2008 | 02:25 PM
To whoever really wants to understand Mono please go to the Mayoclinic.com website. Shingles which was also mentioned above by another fan is the same virus as chicken pox in a different form.
My daughter had mono and my husband had the shingles so I u
03/26/2008 | 12:51 PM
relax panjy

your absolutely right. Djoko is no Rog.
But if Rog is out of the way, who do YOU think is going to be winning grand slams? Mardy Fish?

Roger just lost to the world no 98...which doesnt mean Roger is now ranked 99th, but it does mean RO
03/26/2008 | 10:34 AM
i was so upset! i really had a bad day. i did not watch sports news after that coz i don't want to hear that roger lost to fish.i was so hurt, very much. i cried a lot. it takes days for me to recover.

neways, i realized that's sport. part of it, u wi
03/26/2008 | 09:56 AM
Dear Roger,
Don't upset ! After such illness as mono you can play and you are playing.That's
the real win.And you are THE VERY BEST
for us.We love you not for wins or titles.
We just love you.
Your health is the very
03/26/2008 | 09:55 AM
Rubenn - what kind of joke are you trying to tell? There is no way Roger will go down to world no. 97 by November 2008. You can dream but it is impossible. Roger is better than Djoker by many, many miles - as a player but also as a person. Remember he is
03/26/2008 | 08:41 AM
I'm very sad!!!
but may be Roger will do the opposit this year of the other years and will have the Rolland Garros!!
I cross the fingers for him..
03/26/2008 | 07:04 AM
hai roger.....
everbody here is talkin abt how bad your lose was to that fish ....but i think after analysin all the matches this year this was a gud week for you ..you reached the semifinals ..n that was gr8...in the last tournament you lost in
03/26/2008 | 05:13 AM
Sports Illustrated’s Jon Wertheim: What's up with Federer?

Federer loses a match to Novak Djokovic (while allegedly suffering from mono) in the semifinals of a Slam? Unexpected but thoroughly understandable. Federer then falls to the ascending Andy Mu
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