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Still waiting for first 2008 title

23.03.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to end his run for another title in Indian Wells today after losing to American Mardy Fish 6-3, 6-2 in the semi-final of the Pacific Life Open.


Roger fell behind 0-3 after only 15 minutes against Fish - who had entered the tournament thanks to a wild-card. 15 unforced errors made our star's life everything than easy in the first set and he only saw one break-ball during the entire match - compared to 7 by Fish.


Roger came to the court 5-0 in the series and having lost one set out of a dozen played against the American. Our number one still has to wait for his first title this year.

Fish will play Sunday's final against Novak Djokovic, who clearly beat Rafael Nadal in the semis.


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03/26/2008 | 05:12 AM
Thanks astarte & TriniMum127.

Astarte, for shingles consider using special proteolytic enzymes (Double Strength Zymactive, see links below) as well as oreganol (call company for a protocol, see page 39). That brand of enzymes should reduce the pain, w
03/26/2008 | 05:12 AM
Roger Federer was just honoured as the ATP Tour's player of the year for 2007. He also won the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award for the fourth consecutive year and the Fans' Favorite Award for the fifth consecutive time. "The sportmanship award is voted
03/26/2008 | 03:04 AM
Its ok Roger..We all have bad matches...I really do think it could help if you got a couach for a little while..He might help you get back some thing that you forgot maybe...

Don't give up your still the best and always will be...keep fighting!!
03/26/2008 | 02:23 AM
Hi rogie! So disapppointed but I know you've got the best options and the mechanism to put you back in the winning circuit. I refuse the claims of others that you are over your prime.
The pressure may be too much on you, but remember if the going gets
03/26/2008 | 01:38 AM
Those of you who know me here should be in no doubt as to whose fan I am.

I want to see Roger win another 12 grand slams. I cant stand Novak!

My piece written above, was written in satire and in warning at what we could be looking at soon...

Is t
03/26/2008 | 01:00 AM
Is this called post-fame depression?! It's hard to be centre of attention all the time and keep up winning over and over. Rog, go fishing for a while. Enjoy yourself man, be happy !!
Everone is waiting to see you back firm and solid. God bless you Roger
03/25/2008 | 11:43 PM
It wasn´t Roger Federer on that court against Mardy Fish. I think that you must realize that even the best need someone from the outside to give some advices, support and fresh ideias to keep going in your quest against history. You should really think ab
03/25/2008 | 10:13 PM
c'mon roger you are the best of the history! i belive in you always
03/25/2008 | 10:05 PM
don't give up buddy. we're still here and support you. good luck at miami...
03/25/2008 | 09:21 PM
Dear Roger, good luck in Miami!You,re the best!Please smile and win. Ludmila from Poland.
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