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Still waiting for first 2008 title

23.03.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to end his run for another title in Indian Wells today after losing to American Mardy Fish 6-3, 6-2 in the semi-final of the Pacific Life Open.


Roger fell behind 0-3 after only 15 minutes against Fish - who had entered the tournament thanks to a wild-card. 15 unforced errors made our star's life everything than easy in the first set and he only saw one break-ball during the entire match - compared to 7 by Fish.


Roger came to the court 5-0 in the series and having lost one set out of a dozen played against the American. Our number one still has to wait for his first title this year.

Fish will play Sunday's final against Novak Djokovic, who clearly beat Rafael Nadal in the semis.


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03/25/2008 | 02:51 PM
I personally think it was superb because as compared to last year Fedex lost in the second round and this year he lost in semis and got 220 points as compared to 75 points last year.
so now he is more points ahead of nadal and djokovic. hope he will do m
03/25/2008 | 02:43 PM
another possible reason - Mirka got kidnapped, Master was threatened to lose the match.
03/25/2008 | 02:38 PM
well,that's alright,Roger,you are not in good condition,we'll always wait for you to come back.It is easy to recover from that illness.because you are strong.but you seem to be a little bit mentally tired,and not so concentrative on the court...you have t
03/25/2008 | 02:36 PM
don't give up roger!!!you will win soon the first title in 2008!!!go roger!!!good luck!!!
03/25/2008 | 02:27 PM
Roger you play with such class and on the court you look like a gentleman not a sweaty body builder who just came out of the gym. But this said you have become sluggish and unmotivated on the court and it is sad to see that something is missing. Are you
03/25/2008 | 02:26 PM
This is our third time to post as we have gone from disgust to understanding to puzzlement. We are puzzled after reading the text of Roger's semi interview because at first he seems so nonchalant. Perhaps Roger himself is puzzled????

And the nonchalan
03/25/2008 | 02:16 PM
I have read all the comments and the one person that has summed up the situation from every aspect regarding Roger is JTC. Everyone should read what was said. It is a simple common sense approach It is the one that I hope Roger or whoever reads these fo
03/25/2008 | 02:14 PM
Dear Roger,

It has taken me a while to react as I really am getting worried for you. The game has changed and so must you. People have obviously mastered how to beat you at your game so you have to change your tactics and your game. You have what it ta
03/25/2008 | 02:02 PM
its better to late than never pst anything here...
its okey my dear, its just normal
winning and losing is just a part of the game, its just the first ATP tournament of the season, still you are the worlds best, your still the number one in the world. g
03/25/2008 | 02:01 PM
Hi, I do not post very often, but, Mono is a very serious illness that can take months if not an entire year to get over. This is an illness that has spikes and lulls. Roger will have to work through this, until he finds his strength again. Please be p