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Still waiting for first 2008 title

23.03.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to end his run for another title in Indian Wells today after losing to American Mardy Fish 6-3, 6-2 in the semi-final of the Pacific Life Open.


Roger fell behind 0-3 after only 15 minutes against Fish - who had entered the tournament thanks to a wild-card. 15 unforced errors made our star's life everything than easy in the first set and he only saw one break-ball during the entire match - compared to 7 by Fish.


Roger came to the court 5-0 in the series and having lost one set out of a dozen played against the American. Our number one still has to wait for his first title this year.

Fish will play Sunday's final against Novak Djokovic, who clearly beat Rafael Nadal in the semis.


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03/25/2008 | 01:43 PM
fedfan1414, I went over to the web address you gave but unfortunately it would not come up and said webpage was not availale. I really wanted to see that one. Maybe they have taken it off but thanks anyway.
03/25/2008 | 01:40 PM
Djokovic looking more like contender for top spot, although Fish says Federer still the best....mabuhay ka Master!!!
03/25/2008 | 01:23 PM
Don't worry, Roger! We're still loving you so much. Just try your best. We understand this is the hard time for you and we just want you to know that we'll stay by you forever!
03/25/2008 | 01:22 PM
ho trovato molti siti dedicati a RE ROGER; hai tantissimi fan che ti seguono e che soffrono nel vederti giocare anzi nel "non vederti giocare" perchè siamo tutti convinti che nella semi di I.Wells c'era solo il fantasma del grande tennista che tutti noi a
03/25/2008 | 01:13 PM
i love you Roger
03/25/2008 | 12:50 PM

I think it is sooooooooo wonderful to see Roger out enjoying himself and having fun.

I think that perhaps we are over-analysing rogers recent play more than he is... and we sho
03/25/2008 | 12:42 PM
Right, give us amazing in miami roger! with passion!!! Come on big boy!
03/25/2008 | 12:41 PM
My bad. I just realized that the time showing is not Miami time. I am in the same time zone as Miami and it is actually one hour ahead of what it says up there... anyway...
I should prolly research things more before I post stuff.... lol.
03/25/2008 | 12:33 PM
Dear Roger

I saw your interview after your loss to MF at Indian Wells and you were rightly gracious and classy in defeat. BUT really worrying is the fact that you think it's a one-off. Rogi, everyone can beat you at the moment and if you play with the
03/25/2008 | 12:33 PM
I'm so excited.. Roger must be in miami now.. the time up in the corner changed on this website!
cant wait!!
Last night I hardly slept, and thought of Roger playing tennis and actually getting to see him play. Cant wait!

I am hoping to make it to T